Dec 072011

From Koopa Beach to Rainbow Road we examine the music behind the first big Mario spinoff

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Show notes

0:00:00 – Battle Mode (Super Mario Kart)
0:09:54 – Koopa Beach (Super Mario Kart)
0:11:22 – Donut Plains (Super Mario Kart)
0:17:10 – Mario Circuit (Super Mario Kart)
0:18:27 – Rainbow Road (Super Mario Kart)
0:27:40 – Mario Kart 64 Theme (Mario Kart 64)
0:28:39 – Koopa Troopa Beach (Mario Kart 64)
0:37:18 – Toad Turnpike (Mario Kart 64)
0:39:17 – Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 64)
0:51:19 – Koopa Park (Mario Golf)
0:53:40 – Shyguy Desert (Mario Golf)
0:57:55 – Bug Swatter Level 2 (Mario Paint)
0:59:46 – Monkey Theme (Mario Paint)
1:02:47 – Push-Up Theme (Mario Paint)
1:08:34 – Victory Lap (Mario Kart 64)

If there is one thing I hope to pass along during my time in the games industry, it is Victory Lap. Seriously, if you’re feeling down and out, just put that on and let the sorrow fade from your body.




  30 Responses to “VGMpire episode 07 – Mario Kart Memories”

  1. The Rainbow Road… The best

  2. The Rainbow Road theme from MK 64 (and this remix, subsequently: is the only VG song that consistently gets me teary. So beautiful.

  3. Awesome 😀 I’d still love a ducktales episode 😀

  4. Been waitin for this one.

  5. The SNES Mario cart soundtrack is forever burned into my soul..and that’s a good thing!

  6. loved all the dialogue between songs this week. I have a man-crush on Henry and hope he can keep coming on the show!!

  7. Here is another episode to keep forever on my iPod-thanks again, Brett!!

  8. Never stop ‘casting Brett.

  9. Cool blow me.

  10. Love that victory lap music


    Still, cool blow me. =)

  12. Oh ya! Can’t wait to listen to this one!

  13. BTW talking about female composers…how about Michiru Yamane. Castlevania episode Go!

  14. Mario Kart! Blow me.

  15. I like how you could have easily just done a Mario Kart episode but threw in some Mario Golf and Paint too, great stuff!

  16. Thank you for playing Koopa Troopa Beach. As the winter finds its way here to NJ, it’s nice to be able to just turn the heat up, close my eyes, listen and pretend I took a vacation!

  17. […] Koopa Beach to Rainbow Road we examine the music behind the first big Mario spinoff. LISTEN NOW and join the Karty! Posted by C.Ant at 9:01 pm Tagged with: Laser Time presents, […]

  18. YES!!! but no love for double dash 🙁

  19. Great Ep as usual!! Love it!!

  20. Brett.

  21. I was hoping for at least Waluigi Stadium from Double Dash. That was a good track! As well as its own Rainbow Road song. And I guess there was nothing memorable from Mario Kart Wii.

  22. Also: You didn’t know who Motoi Sakuraba was?! He’s a phenomenal RPG composer, did the Golden Sun soundtracks and more. He even has his own progressive rock band.

  23. Oh, I had totally forgotten about that Mario Paint space song. I also spent weekends upon weekends messing with that. I am sure that game had a lot of influence over my career path as Web/Graphic designer. I wonder if Mario Paint has a direct relation to the flooded market of web/graphic designers?

  24. Listening to Mario Kart music reminds me of the early parts of my childhood watching my big brother play Mario Kart late at night and falling asleep. I always loved that game but hearing the music makes me a little melancholy and puts me in a funk simply because I end up remembering how great childhood was and how it’s such a fleeting experience. Great episode.

  25. Argh! Henry’s squeaking voice hurts my ears!

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