Jan 112012

One of the greatest handheld series of all time also happens to sport some of the best VGM out there

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0:00:00 – Rachel’s Theme (Dual Strike)

0:08:33 – Jake’s Theme (Dual Strike)

0:10:15 – Sasha’s Theme (Dual Strike)

0:12:15 – Javier’s Theme (Dual Strike)

0:19:49 – Andy’s Anthem (Dual Strike)

0:21:21 – Sami’s Theme (Dual Strike)

0:22:53 – Nell’s Theme (Dual Strike)

0:30:57 – Grimm’s Theme (Dual Strike)

0:32:15 – Jess’s Theme (Dual Strike)

0:33:56 – Tag CO Power (Dual Strike)

0:43:07 – Black Hole Power (Dual Strike)

0:44:13 – Lash’s Theme (Dual Strike)

0:45:15 – Kindle’s Theme (Dual Strike)

0:54:44 – Brenner’s Theme, Hope Never Dies (Days of Ruin)

0:56:48 – Lin’s Theme, Supreme Logician (Days of Ruin)

0:57:57 – Isabella’s Theme, Lost Memories (Days of Ruin)

1:04:03 – Tabitha’s Theme, Cruel Rose (Days of Ruin)

1:06:33 – Days of Ruin (Days of Ruin)

1:09:14 – Gage’s Theme, Proud Soldier (Days of Ruin)

1:16:39 – Red Star Winning (Game Boy Wars 3)

1:18:15 – White Moon Neutral (Game Boy Wars 3)

1:19:45 – White Moon Losing (Game Boy Wars 3)

1:23:33 – That’s A Wrap (Dual Strike)

  39 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 10 – Honoring Advance Wars”

  1. This is the positivity injection I needed today. So excited.

    • I have yet to listen to this episode (Just discovered this podcast and I’m going through them in order), but I’m looking forward to listening to music from a game I’m unfamiliar with.

      Also, a podcast feature music from Super Meat Boy would be killer, or perhaps indie games in general.

      Also (again) Brett, as a fellow video game music enthusiast, this is the podcast I’ve been waiting for for a long time, so thanks for the audible goodness!

  2. Advance Wars on the DS holds a special place in my heart because when I broke my hand it ws the only game I owned that I could play one handed with just the stylus

  3. This reminds me, I sort of need a VGMpire episode of Phoenix Wright at some point.

  4. Oh man I didn’t know Brett would honor Advance Wars’ music this soon. I used to love these games to death especially when I’m kicking ass with Max, Grit, Kanbei or Sensei. It was awesome when you activated CO powers and the upbeat heavy metal played while making a comeback. Or in the first DS one, I was like “YES, YES” when the instrumental-y Dual Strike themes played. What made it better was how DS played the old themes in higher quality which made me @_@. Thing that sucks though is AW never having any soundtracks or barely anything else promotional, like Sami’s rifle.

  5. THANK YOU BRETT. Cool, blow me.

  6. Feels so good to hear Dual Strike again.

  7. So close. Will we never get a Fire Emblem VGMpire?!?

  8. yesssssss what an awesome focus for an episode. I love this series to death

  9. Cool, blow me.

  10. cool,
    cool cool cool

  11. This is great. Thanks, Brett!

  12. Another show that didn’t interest me just by seeing the subject game, but it had good tunes, and lively chatter.

    I was just thinking the same thing as Brett as the faux guitar music was going on, whether it’s possible for someone who didn’t grow up with real game music before CDs could appreciate it? Also, whether anyone who did grow up with it could possibly not get a thrill whenever hearing any? Do the young ‘uns actually like the old stuff?

  13. Y’all did a great podcast here.

  14. okay, awesome, but now you REALLY need to do phoenix wright music, almost everything you were talking about how the characters theme songs basicly describe them IS THE SAME IN PHOENIX WRIGHT!

    Brett, if you don’t do an episode phoenix wright soon, i may have to do it myself, THAT IS A THREAT!

  15. Awesome! Can’t quantify how much I love these.

  16. Thanks, guys! I really like this one alot. I like how this episode the music was more of the focus of the cast, with enough conversation the give the music better context.

    This music was a great pick for a cast. I wasn’t overly familiar with this before but I’m glad you brought it to my attention. I really enjoyed Sasha’s Theme alot. It really had a very “Secret of Mana” feel in the intro, and it sounds like it borrowed a few bars from Zelda’s Theme from OoT at 11:00. This podcast has expanded my musical horizons, and I’ve picked up several game soundtracks at your recommendation.

    Thanks a ton!

  17. […] of the greatest handheld series of all time also happens to sport some of the best VGM out there. LISTEN TO THAT SHIT NOW  Posted by C.Ant at 3:44 […]

  18. Hearing this episode made me bust out Dual Strike again. What a fantastic piece of handheld software.

  19. Holy holy HOLY shit yes! I’ve been following your podcast since the beginning, and enjoyed a fair amount of it. But the fact that you’re making a whole episode about one of my favorite videogame series has got me VERY stoked! This is awesome Elston! thank you for doing it and I hope you keep on rolling with it! Can’t wait to listed

  20. Never played Advance Wars much (due to a lack of the platform), but it’s on my to-do list for sure.

    Brett, if you want an ‘anonymous box’, where people can submit ideas, I suggest you get… an email address. Just make a spare one and we’ll send ideas there. I’ve already got plenty that I want to see you explore.

  21. Excellent episode. I’ve only played a couple minutes of both Dual Strike and Days of Ruin, but now I know I have to check them out again. Great music.

    While people are throwing out requests here and there, I have to bring out my inner fanboy and request Breath of Fire, although I understand most of your memories lie with only the first one. Nevertheless, I suggest you check out the rest of the soundtracks, they’re incredibly varied and fantastic.

  22. Cool episode. I have never played any of the advance wars games. Also saw they got a lot of praise but never gave them a shot. The music in them is really cool, I like how varied it is. Maybe when they finally get around to a 3DS version I will give it a go.


  24. Advanced wars was always one of those games I saw everywhere for a time but never gave a chance. I’ve seen sprite rips and they look amazing , that and this glorious podcast have made me reconsider my stance.

  25. Advance Wars has THE. RULINEST. MUSIC.

  26. Wow. I’ve never touched an Advance Wars game in my life… went into this episode with an open mind and *damn* was I impressed. This is what I love about VGMpire – I’m being introduced to all these series’ soundtracks that I’ve never even heard before, rather than just appreciating game music I’ve come across myself over and over. Broadening my horizons.

    Also (since Brett loves his comments) I’d say this is one of my favourite episodes in terms of being an actual ‘episode’ thus far, if not my favourite (which is odd considering my unfamiliarity with the music). The length is just right (not too short, not too long), the track list is varied, the chatter is informative and interesting but again not too short/long and serves to split up all the music nicely (like a proper radio show almost)… all in all a great episode.

  27. I can’t play this episode for more than 10 minutes without breaking down and playing Advance Wars.

  28. I played advance wars after it got so many good reviews. Remains the only strategy game i’ve ever enjoyed

  29. still haven’t played these games yet but i love the music, now i have to pick them up!

  30. Hi Brett,
    Great work on VGMpire! Please, consider the Pixel Junk Monsters soundtrack (by Otograph) for an episode! I would hope you’d showcase the songs “it’s a sonny” “03 45X8 60X6 90X4” and “a-maze-ing maze”.

  31. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    it’s back!

    i just like hearing you guys talk about the music and the history of these companies.
    it floors me how much you guys know.
    and how much i didn’t/don’t

  32. Hey awesome show Brett! Really glad to have found a game I am also interested in haha, not saying your other works were not up to snuff, it is just that I never really played some of those games. I spent so much time playing Advance Wars that it is not funny, one of my favorite themes being Drake’s theme haha. Anyways, maybe try a Fire Emblem Podcast? It has got some great songs like Together, We Ride! as well as sad songs like Anguish, a slowed down version of Ninian’s theme. Just a tiny suggestion from an interested listener! Good luck on the show man 😀

  33. A little late to the party but I love Advance War’s music!

  34. I bought the game again cause of this episode. Thanks, Brett and Henry!

  35. Just listened… great episode! I love the music in the Advance Wars games! It’s really great seeing a game series that has such a diverse soundtrack get featured.

    It was cool hearing the Game Boy Wars 3 music at the end.

    Keep up the great work!

  36. I love just putting the days of ruin soundtrack on when I’m at the gym. It’s proper pumped up music.

  37. Been listening to this podcast for a while and finally remembered to comment. Fantastic work sir(s)!

    Advance Wars Dual Strike is far and away my favorite game of all-time so I was thrilled to see and hear it get some recognition.

    I don’t know if its customary to suggest future episodes in these comments, but if so: Sega Soccer Slam for the Gamecube always stood out to me as having great themes. (Albeit most are short celebrations). Maybe package that game with other nontraditional sports games (e.g. NFL Blitz, Mutant League Football, Mario Super Strikers, etc.)

  38. I’m not sure, but I think the Super Daisenryaku (’89) is (if not the first) one of the first turn-based strategy games, to have character specific music. It’s written by the same composer of the Phantasy Star series, and it have a great PS2 vibe. Other early stuff is Master of Monsters (’91), which I think, I already mentioned.. turn-based strategy with amazing, amazing character specific soundtrack. I love that game. I loved the Dual Strike Advance Wars. Great stuff.

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