Jan 192012

Be it infectiously bouncy or delightfully laid back, music can make or break a puzzle game. This week we look at a handful of examples from the genre, including Bust A Move, Hexic and Puzzle Quest.

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0:00:00 – Main Theme (Bust A Move 2)
0:06:41 – Pirate Theme (Bust A Move 2)
0:08:11 – Qui Qui (Bust A Move 2)
0:11:13 – Boss Theme (Bust A Move 2)
0:18:08 – Egypt (Tetris Plus)
0:19:13  Egypt 2 (Tetris Plus)
0:20:15 – Knossis (Tetris Plus)
0:21:15 – Atlantis (Tetris Plus)
0:27:26 – Badback (Hexic HD)
0:32:54 – Underlow (Hexic HD)
0:41:51 – Theme 1 (Peggle Deluxe)
0:43:44 – Theme 2 (Peggle Deluxe)
0:46:08 – Theme 3 (Peggle Deluxe)
0:49:54 – Theme 4 (Peggle Deluxe)
0:55:20 – Learn (Tetrisphere)
0:57:29 – Phony (Tetrisphere)
1:04:08 – Map (Puzzle Quest)
1:06:08 – About to Win (Puzzle Quest)

  30 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 11 – Plethora of Puzzles”

  1. Not as much of a puzzle game, but still thoroughly amazing: http://youtu.be/IBIxnw22l1A

  2. This is gonna be gooooood.

  3. Isn’t Bust-a-Move Zuntata? When do we get a whole Zuntata show? And what about Columns, it had some good tunes, too.

    • Having listened to the show now, maybe Taito and Zuntata aren’t relly something Brett has a lot of experience with. Zuntata is probably the in-house music group I know best, and they’ve been doing Taito’s music forever.

  4. Puyo Puyo’s pretty good too. Guess it’s a bit obscure for the US though.

  5. Awesome. Keep up the good work Mr. Elston.

  6. Gotta love Tetris Attack’s Soundtrack.

  7. One of my all time favorite puzzle music is Columns III on the genesis.

    Cool, blow me!

  8. […] we look at a handful of examples from the genre, including Bust A Move, Hexic and Puzzle Quest. EXTREMElistennowFEVER!  Posted by C.Ant at 4:30 pm  Tagged with: Laser Time presents, […]

  9. I really enjoyed this episode. I have definitely not given enough credit to puzzle game music. I often turn down the game music in order to listen to podcasts or other music. As soon as I get home I am going to play through Hexic again and just listen to the music, and more than likely download Hexophilia.

    Thanks for the awesome episode Brett.

  10. AWESOME!!! but I just wish it had some yoshi…

  11. Oh man puzzle music can make or break the game and these are great examples of make!

  12. Great episode Brett. Maybe you could hook us up with some of the music from Columns.

  13. I loved Bust-A-Move growing up. We bought it for my mother, and I started playing it with her.

    I’d hate to sound like a brown noser, but between this, and your Game Music of the Day, you have proved that I had good taste when I was a child.

  14. An all RPG battle music epsiode is an awesome idea!

  15. Really, really enjoyed this episode. I love how peppy and upbeat everything. My only other comment is the lack of my favorite bubble bobble incarnate Kirbys Avalanche which had amazing music as well.

  16. completely forgot how good Bust A Move 2 music is

  17. I mean as a kid I never realised how good it was

  18. Hi folks. Just wanted to let you all know that I look forward to hearing new episodes. I think VGMpire is one of the most unique and thoughful offerings in the pod-o-sphere. I made up that word and I already hate it.

    Regardless, I raise a glass of beer to this episode, and to many more!

  19. Hey Brett, would love if you could provide links (if there are any) for where to get this music from. Maybe you mention it in the episode (haven’t listened yet!), but just an idea. Love the podcast keep it up.

  20. Wow, finding the music for Bust A Move 2, let alone Bust A Move 2 stuff in general, is damn near impossible.

  21. Still listening to VGMpire haha, really hope you do Fire Emblem! Already did a review haha, good luck man

  22. Please do Paper Mario. PLEASE.

  23. Wow, this puzzle music is amazingly chill. I love it. Bust a Move brings me back, I played Bust a Move ’99 with my brother on the N64 like crazy.

    Some other great puzzle music: Tetris Attack, Dr. Mario, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (surprised you didn’t pick something from here), WarioWare and Lemmings.

    Aside: The continuous Breath of Fire soundtrack plug 😛 and also, one of my favorite MIDI orchestral soundtracks of all time has to be Vandal Hearts II. Give that a listen, the melodies on there are insanely good.

  24. Let’s get an episode that includes Marble Madness (Piano Music in Games?) – you could also delve into Dead Island’s trailer theme and other things.

    • lol – just realized that the only reason i associate marble madness with piano music is because of some version i found of it.

      Though it’s a great soundtrack and I would be interested to see it in an episode as well as piano music in games.

  25. Loving the show! Just started listening last week and I burned through every episode! Incredible work– can’t wait for the next episode. The conversation is friendly and quite amusing, and the music is well chosen.

    Also props for the Sonic show 🙂

  26. Another fine episode!
    This note in my pocket says “Sports Games-Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball, NHL ’94, Super Punch Out”.
    Not sure what that is all about.

  27. Loved to see the Bust-a-Move 2 love on this episode.
    One of my favorite OSTs of all time.
    Wonderful episode.

  28. Not being a 360 owner, I really appreciated being introduced to the very interesting musical approach of Hexic in this podcast. Thanks!

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