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A rapid fire grab bag of  battle music from JRPGs both new and old. Feel the intensity!

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0:00:00 – Fight! (Grandia II/Iwadare)
0:11:07 – Battle Theme 2 (Breath of Fire/Alph Lyla)
0:12:26 – Fight With Monsters (Super Mario RPG/Shimomura, Kondo, Uematsu)
0:13:32 – Meet Them Head On (Phantasy Star IV/Takeuchi)
0:16:00 – Battlefield (Etrian Odyssey III/Koshiro)
0:18:37 – Trainer Battle (Pokemon DP/Ichinose, Sato, Masuda, Aoki)
0:20:19 – Battle Theme (Lunar/Iwadare, Fujioka)
0:21:25 – Battle Theme (Final Fantasy IX/Uematsu)
0:24:13 – Blinded by Light (Final Fantasy XIII/Ryo Yamazaki)
0:27:08 – Battle Ver 3 (Sonic Chronicles/Sim)
0:29:10 – War Cry (Dragon Quest VIII/Sugiyama)
0:38:07 – Fight! 3 (Grandia II/Iwadare)
0:40:54 – Reach out to the Truth (Persona 4/Meguro)
0:43:39 – Leap the Precipice (Eternal Sonata/Sakuraba, Bunin)
0:46:25 – Boss Battle (ML Superstar Saga/Shimomura)
0:48:12 – Pokey Means Business (Earthbound/Suzuki, Tanaka)
0:51:21 – Boss Battle (Final Fantasy IV/Uematsu)
0:53:27 – Decisive Battle (Final Fantasy VI/Uematsu)
0:55:25 – The Fierce Battle (Final Fantasy VI/Uematsu)
0:58:00 – JENOVA (Final Fantasy VII/Uematsu)
1:00:29 – Edge o Death (Chrono Cross/Mitsuda)
1:01:49 – Last Battle (Chrono Trigger/Mitsuda)
1:05:30 – Dark King (FF Mystic Quest/Sasai, Kawakami)
1:07:35 – Battle with Librarian (Suikoden Tierkreis/Aoki, Iwata)
1:11:34 – Pain of the Universe (Legend of Mana/Shimomura)
1:16:29 – Saber’s Edge (Final Fantasy XIII/Hamauzu)

I mistakenly identify Saber’s Edge as “Desperate Struggle” or something to that effect – Saber’s Edge was the track I intended, so it’s noted in the track list correctly. Such great boss music! And unlike many other publishers/developers, Square-Enix is pretty good about releasing official soundtracks. If you like what you hear in this episode, odds are there’s a legit way to purchase it via the links on the side of the site.

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  1. […] rapid fire grab bag of  battle music from JRPGs both new and old. Feel the intensity! LISTEN NOW!  Posted by C.Ant at 7:33 […]

  2. Oh god just one look at that track list is making me smile. Thanks for including persona 4! That and Persona 3 have amazing soundtracks, and are probably my favourite games of all time in general.

  3. Oh boy, this episode was made for me! Nice to see Eternal Sonata get a mention in there. Gorgeous music, all of it.

  4. Just what I needed today!

  5. Your missing Lufia 2. That had absolutely fantastic battle music. And music in general. Other than that, looks great!

  6. The track list pleases me greatly Mr. Elston. I love Japanese composers…XIII-2 has pretty strong soundtrack, Kaius’ theme and Dash in particular.


  7. No Lost Odyssey?! Shame on you, Brelston.

  8. Dat Playlist

    This has been like a crazy week for anything game-related, including this. MEGAHYPE.

  9. I’m kinda peeved I have to get through so much VGMpire cast before getting to this. I love rpg battle music. This show is really shaping up to be an incredible replacement for tdar. Not perfect but it satiates my gaming interests in a really enjoyable way.

  10. Nothing like some good battle music to push you through the midday doldrums. One of my favorite things about the Pokemon battle music is the comparison between the regular battle music and the gym leader battle music. The gym leader music feels so much more intense and like there’s so much more on the line with those fights.

  11. Blinded by Light, such a great song. I know this podcast will be a keeper on my iphone for some time, just like the sonic episode and the music of the year 2011.

  12. This episode is MOST DELICIOUS. Glad that SMRPG:Lot7S and M&L are in here!

  13. Hot damn, look at that buffet.

  14. Brett I share your love for Grandia 2 so i knew it was only a matter of time before you put up the fight themes on VGMpire. Super excited, dlding now.

  15. A chocobo song megamix would be great. I don’t know how far back they go, but I loved Samba and Techno de Chocobo.

  16. Persona 4 baby. All day everyday.

  17. blow, cool me.
    oh, damn it

  18. This sounds amazing, but I am having a bear of a time getting it to download on either iTunes or the Zune network (yep, I’m the one guy getting this on a Zune.) I usually don’t gripe about downloads, but we’re talking an estimate of 6 hours on iTunes, so that seems strange. Anyone else getting this? I really wanna hear all them dope battle tracks!

    • Anyone else having d/l problems? Seems OK to me but LaserTime had similar issues at one point so I wanna stamp ’em out if it’s an ongoing preblem

      • I am similarly having this problem. All of the Other episodes have downloaded with ease, but this one is taking me about 3 hrs. Might be the windy area around me, but thought I’d oeave feedback. Good job brett, keep this series going!

      • It took an unusually long time to download for me as well. Not six hours, but it was a lot slower.

      • yeah im havin probs too … 6hrs it sayin on itunes… extremely slow, 1st episode for to be like this

      • I also had some issue with the download, about 45 min to an hour.

        • Same here, It’s been an hour since I started downloading, and it’s around 71% still.

          That being said, so long as connection doesn’t suddenly die out, It’ll be worth the wait. I don’t post nearly as often as I should, but I’ve enjoying every single episode of this podcast a lot! So great job bret!

      • I also had a slow download. I didn’t time it, but it was over 2 hours, I’m sure. Started the download about 2pm EST from the rss feed. Dunno if that info will help, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

  19. What a sweetheart!

  20. Cool, browling.

  21. Hey Brett, since you don’t have any forums up on vgmpire, I thought I send a post here. I haven’t listened to 15 yet, but I think it will be awesome as usual. I come here to to tell you about a little site called vgcollect.com. I think using this site could help you in finding the credits for older games when it comes to music. I posted about this on the Laser Time forums too; someone suggested I should try here instead. Keep up the great work at Capcom and here!

  22. Slow, slow download. Hey Brett, have you ever thought about making a torrent for your episodes?

  23. I haven’t listened yet (downloading this minute, will post again as a follow-up) but thanks for putting Breath of Fire in this list! An all-around awesome list, although I would’ve swapped out FFVI’s “The Fierce Battle” with “Battle on the Big Bridge” from Final Fantasy V. Regardless, people have to understand that there’s such a ridiculous amount of good RPG battle music that you’d need a 10-hour podcast just to play all of the best ones. This is still a great “sampler” as it is specified. Also happy that Grandia II’s battle music is included, it’s SO good. Also kudos for “Pain in the Universe,” which always gives me goosebumps. “Dark King” from FF Mystic Quest is criminally underrated, so thumbs up. Other stuff worth mentioning: Secret of Mana’s “Danger” and “Meridian Dance,” Breath of Fire II’s “Cross Counter,” “Breath of Fire III’s “Do Your Best!” Breath of Fire IV’s “God of War,” Lufia II’s Battle Theme, Star Ocean 2’s “Stab the Sword of Justice,” “Eternity” from Blue Dragon (for cheese value), “Neo Exdeath” from Final Fantasy V, Vagrant Story’s “Ifrit,” “Dragon God” from Chrono Cross, “World Revolution” from Chrono Trigger, “Battle with the Four Fiends” and “Zeromus” from FF4, “Enemy Battle” from Golden Sun, “Battle 1” from Legend of Dragoon, “The Gun Barrel Battle” from Lost Odyssey, “Natural Killer Cyborg” from Mother 3, “Plosive Attack” and “U.B.” from Parasite Eve, “Lethal Strike” from Final Fantasy Legend II, “Battle 1” from Skies of Arcadia, “Warfare on a Plain” from Vandal Hearts II, and “Critical Hit” from Wild Arms. Obviously I’m not criticizing you for not including these, it just goes to show you how ridiculously abundant and awesome RPG battle music is 😛

  24. Great Episode thanks

  25. Just got done listening. Good podcast, although a little more talking would’ve been nice, even if most of it would just be “that was awesome!” (or at least, that’s what my reaction to each song would be). Also you cut out a big part of “Pain in the Universe.” Time constraints, I take it?

  26. Needs a bit more of the MOTHER series, imo.
    Don’t mean to come off as douche-y, but you’re only familiar with MOTHER 2/Earthbound, right?

    • Totally agreed. My gameplay experience is limited to Mother 2, but the music is phenomenal throughout the entire series. I’d donate 50 bucks to LaserTime for an entire Mother podcast.

  27. pokey means business? this podcast means business if it has the balls to play SNES death metal


    boss battle from FFIV is my ringtone xD

  29. This was by far one of the best podcasts. This week and last week were phenomenal. I listened at my job last night, and it’s high speed and intensity helped me focus, despite recently catching a bad cold.

    Although in some of my earlier comments I mentioned I prefer less talking and more music, I think I may have held the wrong opinion. With so few breaks between groups of songs, it became difficult to remember what song I was listening to. The previous few weeks have really been a great balance of music and related discussion. So whatever you have decided to do has really worked.

    I really like what Carolyn has brought to the table and I think she fits into the podcast well. I’d like to hear more from her.

    As always, thanks so much for putting so much effort into the show! I look forward to it every week and I hope you can keep them coming!

    Oh, and I bought a VGMpire shirt. I think I should say sorry?

    • I did really enjoy this podcast. Definitely one of my favorites so far. I agree, a little more talking would’ve been nice though. Doesn’t have to be much, but it helps the songs stand out more.

      I’m glad you threw in the last boss music to Mystic Quest. Mystic Quest is generally underrated in my opinion. Yes, it’s not as good as any of the other Final Fantasy games. That doesn’t mean it isn’t an enjoyable experience. It had a good soundtrack, and it was a decent entry level RPG, which I think was it’s purpose. It was the first RPG I ever beat, as a kid, so I have to give it some nostalgia props for that too.

      I’d love for more RPG themed podcasts like this though. RPGs often hold some of the most memorable soundtracks, because your just playing them for so long, and you become so involved in it.

  30. Gah! I forgot to suggest FF Mystic Quest Music, the normal battle in it is amazing! Glad to see you grabbed Dark King though. Totally pull up enemy info to keep listening to FFXIII’s battle music, it’s so good!

    Thank you for this wonderful grab bag of gaming music Brett!

  31. My favourite VGMpire yet. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my Friday night any other way.

  32. Another great episode, gang! Great to see Super Mario RPG’s and Final Fantasy XIII’s soundtracks get some well deserved love. Keep ’em coming!

  33. Okay, fully listened the episode, and i really enjoyed it! it was an aweosme mix of songs i know and love, and discovering new great ones. Thanks to this episode, “Battlefield” from Etrian Odyssey III and “Battle with Librarian” from Suikoden Tierkreis will soon be on my library ^^

    I DO have one single complaint though…. Y U NOT PUT THE DARK BOWSER THEME FROM ML3: BIS??? *Rages*

    (Kidding! Though I did wonder a bit since I found that theme to be far more memorable and special than any of the regular boss battle themes of the ML series.)

  34. I’m listening right now and you guys have my heart and soul mentioning the greatness of the Pokemon DP trainer battle music. It is one of my favorite Pokemon tracks of all damn time. 😀

  35. NO ROMANCING SaGa TRACKS?! Dx but for the majority, a dope list!

  36. Thanks, guys! This episode is my new workout mix. (Exercise is more fun when you can pretend you’re getting experience for it.) Now I’ll fit in even less at the gym!

  37. If it was realistically possible for socks to be rocked off of a person I believe I would be a victim. Fun episode!

  38. Great as always. The FFXIII soundtrack is so good, love that you closed on sabers edge!

  39. what is vgmpire’s twitter account? you mentioned requests via twitter a couple times.

    • I was using my own account – conveniently named Brelston! But I’m working on getting an email address set up for y’all to send me ideas

  40. SO GOOD

  41. Yes you can just press A to win in Final Fantasy 13!
    just set your paradimes, keep pressing A for auto-battle and shift when necessary. thats all there is to it.

    just my two cents.

  42. Great show btw im working my way to listen to backlog and i just finished this episode.

    im giving suggestions in the vgmpire section of lasertime fourms, especially for fighting games.
    you should check it out, i highly endorse capcom games like mvc1 and 3rd strike

  43. Loved this episode but not the format. Please do the show in the three song chunks of usual. I really like battle themes but by the fourth song I completely forgot what game it was from and lost all context, unless I played it before like the final fantasies. But still a great show and do more battle theme episodes cuz its they are all great!

  44. Dancing Mad (FFVI) would be another great addition to the end boss themes.. although I guess it’s a bit long 🙂

  45. […] take on the kickass boss tune “The Decisive Battle.” We played that for ya back in Episode 15 […]

  46. It was great to hear Grandia battle music again. I forgot how rockin those tunes are! It could be the best battle music of all time IMHO.

    1. Grandia series
    2. Skies of Arcadia
    3. Chrono Trigger
    4. FFX
    5. FFI

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