Mar 282012

A tribute to the hauntingly beautiful, occasionally terrifying tunes of Silent Hill – plus an Akira Yamaoka deep cut

Download and listen in the dark


0:00:00- Theme (Silent Hill)

0:09:25 – Blood Tears (Silent Hill)

0:12:12 – Alchemilla Hospital (Silent Hill)

0:15:38 – Green Lion Antique Shop (Silent Hill)

0:26:26 – End of Small Sanctuary (Silent Hill 3)

0:28:07 – Sickness Unto Foolish Death (Silent Hill 3)

0:31:13 – You’re Not Here (Silent Hill 3)

0:42:01 – Wounded Warsong (Silent Hill 4)

0:45:11 – Witchcraft (Silent Hill Homecoming)

0:48:52 – Promises (Silent Hill 2)

0:56:41 – Green Plains (Smart Ball)

0:58:10 – Ruins (Smart Ball)

0:59:24 – Moon (Smart Ball)

1:04:36 – Theme of Laura (Silent Hill 2)

Like I said in the show this week, Silent Hill 1-4 OSTs are available in the Amazon MP3 store at a very reasonable price. If you like what you hear, get over there and show Yamaoka some love!

  29 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 18 – The Sinister Sounds of Silent Hill”

  1. theme of laura theme of laura theme of laura fap fap fap

  2. This makes me give all my coworkers shifty eyes. I made my brother stay in my creepy basement when finishing the last hour of Silent Hill. Played it well into the PS2’s lifespan and it was still real fucking scary. Get me out of here!

  3. I’m not as excited as Aeshir, but this was a nice episode. Keep up the good work, Brett!

  4. Super swell s-alliteration.

  5. I missed out on all these games, but now I think I’ll go pick up the HD collection. This music is just too good.

  6. Disturbing or inspiring, SH music is always a cool thing to behold.

  7. Great episode (as always)!
    I’m a huge fan of the music in the Silent Hill games, though I’ve only really played 2 and 3 all the way through. I actually bought the games after hearing some of the music and the only thing I could think was “Man…I’ve got to play these games”. Also the soundtracks for the 2nd and 3rd game where the first vgm cd:s I ever bought and Theme of Laura was the first song I learned to play properly on the guitar. So yeah, huge fan.

    And go play Shadows of the Damned, it’s great and it sounds great.

  8. […] beautiful, occasionally terrifying tunes of Silent Hill – plus an Akira Yamaoka deep cut. LISTEN NOW!  Posted by C.Ant at 12:21 […]

  9. I loved the Shattered Memories soundtrack. Lives wasted away – is my favorite track. Cool, blow me.

  10. I actually bought Silent Hill 2 like a month ago for the first time. Being a pussy, I got to the first save point and shut off the PS2. However, being a pussy hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the music – Laura’s Theme is obviously awesome, and I like Small Sanctuary from SH3. Brett has his own associations with that, but I like to imagine, as a failed guitarist, that after the three strokes, Yamaoka hits the guitar three times for percussion.

    On a tangential note, here’s a kickass video someone made – it’s SH3 made out of paper! He also made Half Life 1 and 2 in the same format. I’ve never played SH3 but I enjoyed the humor very much. Also the ending is awesome due to the music choice:

  11. I literally jumped when Alchemilla Hospital picked up

  12. I was expecting some creepy, stark, scary music but by the end of the episode I was putting SH 1-4 in my Amazon Wishlist!

  13. Bought the Silent Hill HD Collection because of this episode.

  14. My friends from school and I used to hang out till the morning but we would occasionally drive to some tracks from the SH games. I lost all of mine on an old PC but recovered with the Silent Hill Sounds Box:

  15. Huge Yamaoka fan here. Glad to see Silent Hill get an episode.

  16. Excellent episode! I love Silent Hill, particularly the first one. Still need to play through 3 & 4 though. The intro music to the first one still gives me chills.

    I still think it would’ve been cool to play a couple more of those “unlistenable” tracks just to further emphasize just how jarring they are. The Alchemilla Hospital was a great example of this, but another one that always freaked me out was “Devil’s Lyric,” which plays in the elementary school and in the bridge portion of the first game. The Final Boss Battle music was just insane as well.

    There are plenty of scary moments in the first game for me, but I absolutely HATED the one empty room that featured nothing but the sudden loud sound of glass breaking. Freaked the hell out of me.

    I also love all the mellow tracks in this game like Claw Finger, which are still creepy yet somehow relieving to hear after all the crazy moments.

    Other standout tracks for me are Silent Hill 2’s “Reflections,” Silent Hill 3’s “Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me” (which featured prominently in the feature film), and Silent Hill 4’s “Nightmarish Waltz.” Also Silent Hill 2’s “Dog Ending” would’ve been a hilarious way to play this podcast out. In fact, all the weird UFO endings had whacked out funny music as well. Would’ve made for a nice break from the general Silent Hill music (aside from Smart Ball).

  17. I’ve missed your show buddy. Loved every minute of this episode. This is the single best video game music based podcast on the net today. Sound Radar is good but I like your show ten times better. Thanks for the cast.

  18. its 7:54 in LA. dark as hell, doors shut. music is blastin’. its time for the ULTIMATE CREEP FACTOR. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!~

  19. Really enjoyed this episode!! Good work!
    I’ve only played SH2 all the way through and I remember being impressed by the music as I played through the game, really helped set the mood. Having listened to this episode I am tempted to dig up my copies of 1 and 3 and finally get right through them. 🙂

  20. I’ve actually gone out and purchased the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack thanks to this episode.

    I also had a future idea for an episode and would love to get in touch with one of you editors to discuss this further. (Unfortunately I don’t know the best way to reach you so I thought I would try my luck here.)

    Until then let me just tease it with a composer name: Yasunori Mitsuda.

  21. I loved Silent Hill, and this episode! Thanks for sharing Akria’s non-SH stuff as well.

    For about $300 I actually produced a 16mm short film in college, based on and featuring Silent Hill elements. Shows just how crazy I was about the series….

    • Can’t believe I misspelled Akira’s name. I was so into his work, I kept playing “Your Rain” on DDR at our local arcade despite not really liking the song. I wanted to like it.

  22. I loved this episode. I wish there had been some Shadows Of The Damned songs, there are some pretty awesome tracks on it.
    Thanks, Brett!

  23. Hey I just found this podcast while looking for chiptune podcasts on itunes. This is exactly what I was looking for-good music with hosts that could talk about the music and put it in context. Thanks so much for doing this 🙂

  24. yo! A silent hill music podcast with no mention of Joe Romerosa’s “Hometown” or “Cradle of Forest”? I love those tracks, they’re like Silent Hill Lounge music.

  25. […] 0:46:31 – Theme of Laura (Silent Hill 2, Akira Yamaoka) […]

  26. You are so right. Silent Hill is actually one of the only acceptable game movies. Quite well produced, and they are not making things appear silly… like the other game mavies.

  27. Several years later and this is still such an amazing episode. Keep it up Brett, your work is not unappreciated!

  28. Sadly, I just discovered this podcast but better late than never! SOOOOO GREAT!!!
    LOVED this ep and I was cry laughing along with you guys over the Flintstones phone bit!!! Coworkers were looking at me strangely. ;)))

    I made a Silent Hill Tribute years ago that I am quite proud of and wish it got more attention. If you like please take a peek! I really put effort into both the video and audio editing, didn’t just dump different music over a trailer or something like that. Care was taken! Enjoy and keep up the awesome awesome work guys!

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