Apr 182012

Get mad, bad and crazy with this collection of toadally tubular tunes from the NES and SNES.

Download the file right here


0:00:00 – Title Screen (Battletoads)

0:06:12 – Ragnarok Canyon (Battletoads)

0:08:31 – Wookie Hole (Battletoads)

0:11:30 – Turbo Tunnel (Battletoads)

0:28:29 – Main Theme (Battlemaniacs)

0:30:33 – Ragnarok Canyon (Battlemaniacs)

0:36:02 – Snake Pit (Battlemaniacs)

0:38:12 – The Hollow Tree (Battlemaniacs) 0:48:30 – Main Theme (Battletoads & Double Dragon)

0:50:33 – Abobo (Battletoads & Double Dragon)

0:52:55 – Roper (Battletoads & Double Dragon)

0:55:59 – Robo Manus (Battletoads & Double Dragon)

1:01:18 – Victory (Battlemanaics)

If you’re somehow still curious about the Battletoads cartoon pilot, hit that mess up right here

  20 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 19 – Battletoad Beats”

  1. Cool Bowling

  2. Awesome. Awesome to the max.

  3. You guys ever considered doing enhanced podcasts? RoosterTeeth does them and they provide a lot of context to the stories or topics discussed in an episode. They are obviously extra work, but they are really nice. Not sure if you can do them without Garageband though.

  4. Bowling for cool

  5. Its been far too long.

  6. VG EMPIRE is Go.

  7. I <3 VGMpire

  8. Why no streaming option like Lazertimez, just a thought?

  9. Yay for new VGMpire! great episode, never had the pleasure of playing battletoads, but the music was great!

  10. No one has ever heard the music beyond level 3 in Battletoads.

  11. Also sorry to double post, but I literally went from this page to check magicalgametime.com, and this was the newest post on there:


    It’s been a while since I witnessed such a coincidence firsthand.

  12. How could I love this episode more? Only if I had ever beaten the damn game, made it to the tower but that is it…FUCK I NEED TO PLAY THIS SHIT NOW AND PROVE MY MANHOOD BY BEATING GODDAM BATTLETOADS.

  13. (OK. Third time’s the charm. Disregard the other 2 posts, I won’t mess it up here!)

    Awesome, awesome episode. I love David Wise, everything he touches is golden! “Wookie Hole” from the original Battletoads is sooo Donkey Kong Country-esque, although I suppose that’s silly to say since it came out 3 years before it. For the longest time I never gave Battletoads & Double Dragon a chance, but ever since I have I’ve loved the game and the music; to the point that I covered Level 1: Abobo on drums by request, which I will link to here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T9NaMWrGrg

    Also ever since the Angry Video Game Nerd’s Battletoads review all I can think of when hearing the Btoads pause music is that part in the video where they bob their heads to the beat. Too funny.

    Hope you get the chance to check out my lengthy VGMpire request e-mail. There’s so much videogame music ground to cover.

  14. Great to see VGMpire back! it took too long sinc elast episode! D:

    Whining aside, really great episode. To be honest, I never got around playing any of the battletoads games. But the music’s pretty good. I specially liked the Roper theme from Battletoads and Double Dragon!

  15. Awesome, love me some Battletoads.

    The pause menu music is my favorite track from the game.

  16. Woo new VGMpire! Never played Battletoads but this music is so good, takes me back to a simpler time.
    Great episode

  17. Love the show guys, keep up the great work! I’m actually working my way up the episode list as I take the dog on our nightly walk, but super stoked to see it’s still going strong.

  18. this episode was good.
    full of you guys discussing the music, and it’s spin offs and its surrounding culture.
    i love that.

    also, yes. brett the beginning of the title screen song does sound like that bep song. because both song use surf drums, and surf guitars in surf music rhythm. surf music is the basis.

  19. One of the best video game soundtracks!! Thanks for bringing it all back. And for introducing me to that cartoon pilot that is sooo bad that its just kind of good

  20. I had no idea David Wise did the music for Battletoads! This was quite the revelation. Also, this whole episode was enlightening to how great the music of Battletoads really was. I really had only played the first two levels of the NES game… never really delved much deeper into the series than that.

    It does have a lot more personality than it probably should, though! There’s a reason it has lasted in our memories even without the brand living on. ….yet.

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