Jun 202012

From chiptunes to industrial rock to guitar noodling, we examine the musical history of Spider-Man video games.

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0:00:00 – Swing Time (Vs The Kingpin Sega CD)

0:13:35 – Theme 1 (Return of the Sinister Six)

0:15:17 – Theme 2 (Return of the Sinister Six)

0:22:22 – Levels (Amazing Spider-Man GB)

0:23:49 – Title Screen (Spider-Man 2 GBC)

0:25:03 – The Pier (Spider-Man 2 GBC)

0:33:02 – City (Spider-Man Sega Genesis)

0:34:10 – Title Screen (Vs The Kingpin Sega Genesis)

0:36:46 – Power Plant (Vs The Kingpin Sega Genesis)

0:43:08 – Track 07 (Vs The Kingpin Sega CD)

0:46:11 – Track 08 (Vs The Kingpin Sega CD)

0:49:07 – Track 06 (Vs The Kingpin Sega CD)

0:52:16 – Track 10 (Vs The Kingpin Sega CD)

1:06:05 – Hung Like A Spider (Spider-Man 2)

1:08:08 – Web Head (Spider-Man 2)

1:10:13 – Verical Dilemma (Spider-Man 2)

1:22:16 – Theme (Spider-Man PSX)

  20 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 24 – Spectacular Spider Songs”

  1. Download speed is mega slow, what gives

  2. But it was worth it for swing time. Swing time, bring home the bacon


  4. SPI I I I I I I DURR MAN!!!

  5. Loved this episode!

  6. Stung by a force to protect the common man


  8. this episode + the new Laser Time episode = AWESOME!!!

  9. Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin was one of my favorite Genesis games as a kid probably because it was the first Spider-Man game I had ever seen or at least the first I had ever seen that let you actually crawl on the ceilings and walls. That game had a big push the holiday it came out, I remember. I never beat it though because I didn’t know how to use the keys to Kingpin’s bomb. 🙁

  10. Swingtiiiiiiime, take all the phooootooooos

    I’d also like to join Henry in voicing my objection to leaving out the Maximum Carnage soundtrack. Just because it’s based on already existing songs doesn’t make it any less memorable and well composed.

  11. Never heard the entire Swing Time song before, because you guys always stop it because you’re laughing too hard. I think I agree with Brett: it needs to be in Karaoke bars everywhere.

  12. Great selection, a little sad that you did even mention Maximum Carnage. How about Spider-Man’s theme(s) in the various Marvel vs games by Capcom.

  13. I listen to all the Laser Time Industries shows, and I tend to forget which show I’m listening to, since the subjects bleed together, and we end up with the same group of people talking about comics, instead of game music, or games, instead of comics, or what have you. And I like it. Brett always has to pull everything back on topic, and has since TR days, but I like the blending we get of my favorite pastimes.

  14. Swing tiiime, put sooome pants onnn

  15. “Almost all of Genesis music sounds like a combination of a robot farting and hitting a keytar with a cattle prod.” That had me laughing, that was great.

    The thing is, with all of the Vs. the Kingpin stuff, the bass there is really good, but the other sounds don’t do it for me. I’m a picky Genesis music person.

    The Sega CD stuff was fantastic though, loved that sickass keyboard solo in Track 07. The keyboard synth used in some of the Sega CD music here reminds me of Mega Man X6’s soundtrack.

    And I had no idea that KMFDM did Spider-Man 2’s soundtrack, that’s really awesome. Makes me wish I actually played the game back in the day, I’ve only played a bit of the demo. Odds are the game hasn’t aged well though.

    Amazing how the demo kiosk inspired Brett to start hoarding game music. Most of the demo kiosk sounds I hear nowadays at my workplace make me want to bash my head against a wall (seriously, I’ve memorized more lines of dialogue from the Uncharted 3 trailer than I would like to).

    I need to beat my PS1 copy of Spider-Man. I’ve had the damn thing for nearly 11 years now. That remixed Spider-Man theme brings me wayyyy back.

  16. Holy crap, I remember liking the Spider-Man 2 game soundtrack, but this holds up way better than I thought.

  17. these are just getting gooderer and goodererererererrrrrrr!

    no seriously. these really are getting more and more entertaining.
    really getting hit over the head with stuff I have never heard before
    aaaand a few that I have that remind me why I loved them so much.

  18. Did you guys notice how much the title screen music for Vs. The Kingpin on Genesis sounds like the SWAT theme?

  19. David Whittaker is the composer of the Return of the Sinister Six.

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