Nov 072012

Celebrating 20 years of overlooked audio excellence, including Dark Wizard, Third World War and Final Fight CD.

Redbook Audio FTW


0:00:00 – Model 1 BIOS

0:11:50 – Amon (Dark Wizard)

0:13:11 – Armer IX (Dark Wizard)

0:14:36 – Karmak (Dark Wizard)

0:15:29 – Krystal (Dark Wizard)

0:17:07 – Sheena (Dark Wizard)

0:18:20 – Title Screen (Dark Wizard)

0:27:49 – Track 03 (Third World War)

0:29:05 – Track 05 (Third World War)

0:30:28 – Track 09 (Third World War)

0:32:09 – Track 10 (Third World War)

0:33:31 – Track 13 (Third World War)

0:40:40 – Stage 01 (Stellar Fire)

0:43:44 – JP EU BIOS

0:46:53 – Taking to the Air (The Terminator)

0:50:17 – Destinations Unknown (The Terminator)

0:55:27 – Visions (The Terminator)

1:00:56 – Track 02 (Final Fight CD)

1:03:03 – Track 04 (Final Fight CD)

1:05:10 – Track 07 (Final Fight CD)

1:14:25 – Model 2 BIOS

  15 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 34 – Sega CDelight”

  1. Is there going to be a separate Sonic CD episode? Anyways good show! Maybe I’ll try out a couple of these games!

  2. Great episode as always guys. Though I confess to never having played any of the games you played music from (or heard of most of them), there was a lot of really good stuff in there. I was really digging the Terminator stuff in particular. As a 90’s kid, I appreciated all the electric guitars thrown into everything.

    I imagine that you’ll do a Sega dreamcast episode at some point, and when you get to that, I’d suggest paying particular attention to Skies of Arcadia. I think that game could carry half an episode without too much trouble, but it at least deserves a significant spot in a Dreamcast episode. If you don’t know the songs, I’d recommend listening to the Little Jack theme, Imperial theme, Boss Battle, Ramirez Theme for a nice sampling of what the game’s got to offer. All the Skies music is available on youtube and easy to find.

  3. I’ve never heard of Dark Wizard before, but that is one incredible soundtrack! I’d love to get my hands on it.

    I was a SNES kid through and through, so I never got to try out the Sega CD. I would love to own one though. The music was phenomenal for it but it’s a shame it only had a handful of good games.

    Sega CD’s The Terminator had AMAZING music, some of the best music Tommy Tallarico has ever composed. “Destinations Unknown” is especially great, it’s so overwhelmingly emotional and epic.

    Never realized Rolento’s Theme from Street Fighter Alpha 2 was in the Final Fight games. That’s pretty cool. That Final Fight intro is classic, but there’s an even funnier unreleased Japanese one in which Cody yells “Next time, listen to me Jessica!” before punching the screen.

    Also, I hope this isn’t the end for a showcase of Sega CD music, because Snatcher’s soundtrack really needs to be featured sometime. I particularly love “One Night in Neo Kobe.”

  4. No Wonder Dog? That had some good, funky music.

    I used to make tapes from my Sega CD redbook audio to use in my car. The Sega CD was my first CD player, actually. I had the oriignal front loader, and had to bash it now and then to get it to continue reading the disc.

    I get the feeling that Brett isn’t that familiar with Tommy Talarico. I had his CD with the Terminator music (along with Cool Spot, mentioned on the show but no mention of Tommy doing the music,) and it is teriffic. I’d love a Tommy Talarico show, but it sounds like Brett may need to bring back someone else to guest on that one.

    • I’ve met him a few times and chatted quite a bit 🙂

      Wasn’t familiar with THAT soundtrack, but his wider body of work is very much of interest.


      • Well, there you go. I hope we get a show dedicated to his work someday. Are there any other well-known American game music composers? I mean, ones who worked in the days when game music sounded like game music, not movie music.

  5. Great stuff! I never had the money to buy a SEGA CD so I never heard any of this stuff. Man, what a goldmine!

  6. […] Celebrating 20 years of overlooked audio excellence, including Dark Wizard, Third World War and Final Fight CD. LISTEN NOW! […]

  7. That Terminator music is incredible. It seems so incongruous with blowing up robots in a dystopic future.

  8. Honest to god, this show gets better by the week.

    I must have listened to the Ninja Gaiden episode 5 times, then fell in love with the Castlemania episodes.

    Now we have one covering my favorite console! Keep up the awesome work guys.

  9. Great episode, had never heard of a lot of this music but going to track it down now. Only Sega CD music I was familiar with before this episode was Sonic CD, hope to see a full episode on that

  10. Man Dark wizard. I beat that game with all four characters. And had to figure out all that bullshit to get the damn sword or whatever to beat the true final boss and to get all the secret stuff in that game. Was fun. You know my favorite all time sega cd soundtrack though? It was Ecco the Dolphin on Sega Cd. You could play it in you CD player and the the tracks were just haunting and amazing. So peaceful. That games soundtrack deserves some coverage in some kind of episode. I still pop in the CD to listen to it now and again. I think they even sold the soundtrack as a standalone release on CD.

  11. Excellent Episode! Like others here, I wish you had included some other games……Bram Stoker’s Dracula CD, Batman Returns CD, Wonder Dog, and Silpheed come to mind.

    There was one other thing to the Sega CD that I haven’t heard talked about much, which is that it had an extra sound chip(Ricoh something or other). The chip added 10 extra sound channels and allowed for better sampling and whatnot. The games didn’t use it enough, but I remember at the time that when I first played the CD version of Streets of Rage that the voice samples were different. They sounded much higher quality; not like the cartridge version where it sounds like they were dragged through gravel.

    Case in point: listen to that Sega CD bouncing logo track. It’s obviously not RedBook audio, but the strings toward the beginning of the song are much higher quality than the rest of the music, which is very typically Genesis. I am pretty sure the strings and drums are being played from that Ricoh sound chip.

    As an aside, even worse than the Genesis total color palette of 512 was the fact that it could only display 64 at a time. The Turbo had the same number of overall colors but it could display at least half of them onscreen simultaneously. In my opinion, that’s why the Turbo, in spite of being a technically inferior machine, seemed to have more colorful graphics than the Genesis.

    Anyway, it was a fun episode; thanks for exposing me to some of that Dark Wizard goodness!

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