Apr 032013

Celebrating nearly 30 years of classic rasslin tunes, from the NES to the N64 and beyond.



0:00:00 – Fight Theme (Pro Wrestlemania)

0:07:38 – Ted Debiase (WWF Wrestlemania)

0:09:02 – Honkey Tonk Man (WWF Wrestlemania)

0:09:45 – Andre the Giant (WWF Wrestlemania)

0:10:29 – Hulk Hogan (WWF Wrestlemania)

0:17:47 – Rick Rude (WWF Wrestlemania Challenge)

0:18:55 – Brutus Beefcake (WWF Wrestlemania Challenge)

0:19:44 – Theme (WWF Wrestlemania Challenge)

0:20:35 – Big Boss Man (WWF Wrestlemania Challenge)

0:21:32 – Theme 2 (WWF Wrestlemania Challenge)

0:26:53 – Title Screen (WCW)

0:28:11 – Track 03 (WCW)

0:29:56 – Track 05 (WCW)

0:32:55 – Track 04 (WCW)

0:35:53 – Title Screen (Tecmo World Wrestling)

0:37:09 – Track 02 (Tecmo World Wrestling)

0:38:39 – Track 03 (Tecmo World Wrestling)

0:58:26 – Calgary (Saturday Night Slam Masters)

1:00:51 – Hanover (Saturday Night Slam Masters)

1:02:14 – Tokyo (Saturday Night Slam Masters)

1:04:30 – BGM 01 (Wrestle War)

1:06:12 – BGM 02 (Wrestle War)

1:08:43 – BGM 03 (Wrestle War)

1:12:10 – Track 02 (Thunder Pro Wrestling)

1:13:02 – Track 06 (Thunder Pro Wrestling)

1:13:56 – Track 09 (Thunder Pro Wrestling)

1:14:57 – Track 12 (Thunder Pro Wrestling)

1:23:12 – Track 04 (Tecmo World Wrestling)

  12 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 44 – Wrockin Wrestling”

  1. So this is what the Wrock is cookin’.

  2. Are you not posting on the Laser Time main page anymore? I almost missed three episodes in a row. And that’s good for no one.

    • Chris (?) usually does that, so I dunno? Y’can always look here every other Wednesday 🙂

  3. Man, I have not been into pro wrestling for a good 10 years now, but I always enjoyed the games. Ted Debiase/Diabetes’ track reminded me of “Elec Man,” but that “Girls in Cars” similarity is pretty funny. Reminds me of how Goonies II had a chiptune version of Cyndi Lauper’s “Good Enough.”

    …And I just watched that “Girls in Cars” music video. Ugh, so cheesy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bNr3144GDI

    That bass guitar in WCW Super Brawl has that Shadowrun SNES-esque feel, I dig it. I remember that game being pretty horrid.

    My interest in wrestling games started with WWF Raw and Royal Rumble for SNES (which had pretty great renditions of the wrestler’s themes), heightened by WCW/NWO World Tour/Revenge & Wrestlemania 2000/No Mercy and then tapered off after Here Comes the Pain for PS2. I cannot say anything about WCW/NWO Revenge without thinking of that fake guitar sound that’s in all of its music.

    Oh, and Fire Pro Wrestling got loads of playtime on my GBA (I sucked at it though). I wish we got the SNES titles.

    Looking forward to that supposed Mystical Ninja episode..or Breath of Fire..or continuing the Zelda goodness.

  4. Ahmed “Mushmouth” Johnson from WWF War Zone: http://youtu.be/HNuz1sO8hss

  5. The entirety of my knowledge of wrestling comes from the Laser Time network. Regardless, this music is pretty awesome. And now I can never hear Hulk Hogan’s theme without thinking “Finger putter on a candy stick…”

  6. How the hell did you guys skip Slam Masters?!

    It’s not like you didn’t play music from fictional wrestling games.

  7. Amazing episode…..good variety of systems and leagues (WWF, WCW, etc.)….would have liked a bit more Saturday Night Slam Masters but I had a lot of fun with this one!!

  8. Nacho Madness is coming at ya!

  9. […] all, Dave here! I’ve spoken at great lengths about wrestling video game history on both VGMpireand Retronauts, but (most) WrestleMania games have a special place in my heart. Here’s a brief […]

  10. Around minute 42, the music played in the background sounds a little like Shadowrun’s “Sleazy Bar” track on the SNES.

    Here’s link for the Sleazy Bar track for reference.


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