May 012013

OutRun, Daytona USA and Wave Race 64 star in this tribute to racing games.



0:00:00 – Rolling Start (Daytona USA)

0:07:32 – Let’s Go Away (Daytona USA)

0:09:25 – Outer Limit (Auto Modellista)

0:12:14 – In the Light (Auto Modellista)

0:19:22 – Magical Sound Shower (OutRun)

0:23:05 – Passing Breeze (OutRun)

0:26:58 – Splash Wave (OutRun)

0:40:40 – Port Pirates (Wave Race 64)

0:41:49 – Dolphin Park (Wave Race 64)

0:43:37 – Title Screen (Wave Race 64)

0:44:43 – Victory Lap (Wave Race 64)

0:47:30 – Rock (The Need for Speed)

0:55:48 – Menu (Colin McRae 3)

0:57:57 – Main Theme (Driver San Francisco)

1:06:18 – Main Menu (Gran Turismo 2)

1:09:48 – Tune Shop (Gran Turismo 3)

1:12:19 – Main Theme (Cruis ‘n USA)

1:13:43 – Deadwood Ride (Cruis ‘n USA)

1:14:52 – Bluegrass Boogie (Cruis ‘n USA)

1:18:59 – Super Sonic Racing (Sonic R)

  21 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 46 – Rev Up to the Redline”

  1. No Top Gear for the SNES? ):

    • For an example of how good the soundtrack for that series was, here you go, from Top Gear 2:

  2. Great episode. I must be psychic, I changed my ring tone to rad racer music yesterday.



  5. Hey, can I request a Kirby episode? The original Gameboy and Kirby’s Adventure NES had some great tunes. You can even go left-field and pull from Dream Course or Kirby’s Avalanche. Lots of decent, memorable songs.

  6. Yup, it does come up at the end, but live. Forgot how good it was!

  7. “I’m Fail Earnhardt Sr.” Man that made me chortle. This was a really fun episode.

    Great song choices, Auto Modellista’s music is really awesome. Couldn’t get into the actual game too much though. I think it’s something I would’ve liked more if I actually played it back when it came out. Wave Race 64’s music really takes me back. There was so much fun to be had in that Dolphin Park tutorial level.

    I suppose Diddy Kong Racing’s music wouldn’t really fit the theme of this episode, but there are some great tracks to be had there.

    One of my favorite racing tunes comes from a game I never really gave much thought until a random commenter on Kotaku posted this amazing song: “Outride a Crisis” from Super Hang On:

    I absolutely love this track, so emotionally chill, and an excellent tune to play while actually driving. Probably one of my favorite Genesis/Megadrive tunes of all time.

    This is a bit more obscure, but Rally Cross on PS1 had an amazingly good rock soundtrack. Everyone, check out “Islands:” SLAPPA DA BASS MON.

    Here’s another one: “Oasis”

    And just so I can get it out of my system…



  8. good episode. Like any VGMpire episodes whose title doesn’t seem too appealing for the sake of personal nostalgia, this still had some great gems. A litte disappointed that no Forza music made it in, since that music is INCREDIBLE. But then again, thats the only racing game I have any affinity for.

  9. Love the music in Outrun. Also, it’s funny that you chose this topic after the last one, where you questioned whether there were real life artists who might have been inspired by video games.

    Well, French House Artist Kavinsky, who had his music featured in the movie Drive (2011), released his first album simply called OUTRUN as an homage to the SEGA classic.

  10. So, I never realized VGMpire was its own site, and have missed quite a few episodes since it doesn’t appear on the LaserTime feed. I may have dropped the ball on that one. Saw an episode dedicated to Jet Set Radio and plan on giving that a listen.

  11. Great episode!

    But I have a quick question, do you think you’ll ever do a Parasite Eve episode? Or maybe a Beyond Good & Evil one?

  12. Great episode. Always find this sort of variety great music to work to.

  13. […] OutRun, Daytona USA and Wave Race 64 star in this tribute to racing games. LISTEN NOW! […]


    Brett, why aren’t you ever on VGApocalypse?

  15. Great episode! Sega SST Band was such a great maker of music, love Outrun, Hang On, Afterburner, and especially Space Harrier.. Thanks for giving them some love!

    And if you want to dredge up the old MUSICAL CONSPIRACY topic, anyone notice Driver San Francisco is a pretty direct riff on Star Guitar by Chemical Brothers? Love that stuff…

  16. Oh man, a little late but I can’t wait to listen to this one.

  17. Great episode! I laughed so hard at the beggining! The only problem is that now I have had the Daytona music (the screaming guy music) stuck on my head for the whole week….

  18. Awesome episode, but why no Ridge Racer? I mean, a tent pole of the racing genre gets not even a mention! I got Rage Racer for my Playstation when I moved away for college, and I spent hours listening to it in my CD player. godly music like that needs to be recognized!

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