Sep 042013

Examining the eclectic, trippy prog rock of this SNES gem, plus a few deep cuts from composer Tim Follin.

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0:00:00 – Title Screen

0:10:32 – Akrillic Island

0:18:11 – Akrillic Beach

0:20:52 – Legacy Island

0:32:37 – Plok’s House

0:35:35 – Boss Battle

0:37:53 – Creepy Crag

0:44:08 – Flea Pit

0:47:20 – Cowboy Suit

0:48:16 – Boxer Suit

0:49:18 – Rocket Launcher Suit

0:55:01 – Stage 2 (Incredible Crash Dummies)

0:56:43 – Title Screen (Sky Shark)

0:59:43 – Area 1 (Target Renegade)

1:07:35 – Title Screen (Treasure Master)

  18 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 52 – Plok Rockin Beats”


    I don’t remember if it was featured on the first ep, but this track from L.E.D. Storm has quickly become my favorite Follin composition. That percussion!

  2. I’ll have to check it out.

  3. Sounds like another good episode!

  4. Akrillic Beach is one of the best songs ever written!

  5. Finally I get to hear what the deal is with Plok. Brett’s been dropping that name here and there throughout this podcast’s lifetime. I really like this music. I definitely got a Pink Floyd-y feel in a few places.

    I noticed throughout this episode that I recognized a few of these songs. I was wondering where I had heard them before. Does anyone else here ever listen to SupraDarky’s “Best VGM” List on Youtube? I’ve definitely heard Acryllic Island on there. I think I’ve heard Area 1 as well.

  6. Who would’ve thought that a game about Imperial Wizard Rayman would have such great music? Of course, if it’s by Tim Follin, it’s gotta be good. Great episode, Brelston. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone talk about this game except you.

  7. I’ve never actually heard of this series before… guess I’ll be going into this episode blind (deaf?). I’ll be expecting good things!

  8. Finally! I have waited for this episode since you started. I love Plok. A friend brought it round one day and within 15 minutes of playing it I had managed to buy it off them. This is on par with Donkey Kong Country as my favourite SNES soundtrack. Love the music and the game. Though my pal version did not have a cowboy powerup, instead it was a countryman with a dearstalker hat and a blunderbuss with its own music which I greatly prefer.

    Glad this episode finally happened.
    Love this damn game so much.

  9. Great episode, thanks Brett for this awesome podcast. And as a fellow vgm enthusiast, I appreciate these episodes because they introduce me to new video game music from games I’ve never played.

    Would love to hear some Vectorman music at some point. But thanks again, and can’t wait for the next episode.


  10. George Lopez would cut in line to play a game with music this great.

  11. This was definitely one of the more bizarre soundtracks

  12. Never heard of this at all but this is a crazy awesome soundtrack! thanks for the intro

  13. Blown away by the fact that the opening tune here came from an SNES sound chip. Follin’s awesome. I think I’ve played Plok! very briefly…but rest assured I’m going to be keeping an eye out for an SNES cartridge…

    Kudos for the King Crimson mention! Love their stuff. “In the Court of the Crimson King” will always be my favorite but I also recommend “In the Wake of Poseidon” and “Discipline” if you love prog rock. I definitely get a King Crimson vibe from some of Plok’s music. Great stuff, will hunt down the SPCs.

    Oh and recording Weather Channel music on tape? That’s really something! Hahaha.

    And Crash Test Dummies? Good God that was one of my first toy obsessions as a kid. I watched the CGI VHS of the pilot episode so much that I had memorized the lines. This was during Kindergarten.

  14. To be honest, i wasn’t enraptured by Plok’s Music, but Follin’s talent is undeniable. That amazing Solstice theme song came to my attention thanks to the first episode of VGMpire, actually, and has been in my main roster of songs ever since!

  15. Barely remember seeing anything about Plok at the time, sorry I missed out now. Incredible tracks!

  16. I came in skeptical, but man. Akrillic Island has to be some of the best game music I’ve ever heard. This soundtrack is definitely going on the mental “constant Youtube listen” playlist. Thanks for sharing with us, guys!

  17. Hey, I discovered your site/podcast by way of Legacy Music Hour. I loved Plok back in the day, especially because of the music. And let’s all be honest: The game is decent, but I would not have remembered it one way or the other had the music not been so damn good. Isn’t that the way?

    Similarly, imagine the original Streets of Rage without Yuzo Koshiro’s amazing soundtrack. I certainly wouldn’t have bought it. The graphics were just above average and the play control, while solid, was sluggish.

    Anyway, keep up the great work. Now that I’ve found VGMpire, there is DEFINITELY no way I can keep up with my podcasts. But I don’t mind in the slightest.

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