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Forget overworlds – now you can soar across the landscape with these uplifting tunes. Plus a salute to the Chocobo!

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0:00:00 – Prelude (FFX)

0:12:00 – Airship (FFI)

0:12:47 – Dreadnought (FFII)

0:13:41 – Sailing the Enterprise (FFIII)

0:14:50 – Airship (FFIV)

0:15:46 – The Big Whale (FFIV)

0:23:51 – The Dragon Speads its Wings (FFV)

0:25:35 – The Blackjack (FFVI)

0:29:14 – The Highwind Takes to the Skies (FFVII)

0:32:27 – Ride On Ragnorok (FFVIII)

0:35:38 – The Hildagarde (FFIX)

0:47:13 – The Fahrenheit (FFX)

0:51:40 – Chocobo Rodeo

1:12:25 – Uematsu-san Wants to Have Fun (VGMix w Ailsean and Mustin)

  21 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 57 – FF Airships”

  1. You have chosen more wisely than I’d have for the final show of Rocktober 2013. Excellent.

  2. Last show of Rocktober 2013!? No show next week? 🙁

  3. You’re still doing amazing work over here dude. I’m loving your Roctober and am so looking forward to the next one. Last years Castlevania was amazing and you couldn’t have picked a better topic for a Roctober this year. If nothing else, at least keep doing these.

    I always enjoy all the podcasts on the Lasertime network and you guys help me out through the week all the time. I’ll have to show my gratitude one of these days soon.

  4. “Subete ga kimi he tsunagaru”
    “Everything is connected (tsunagaru) to you.”


  5. “Ride On” brings back so many memories. I can remember how blown away my brother and I were by both the Ragnarok’s music and the fact that you could see trains riding around as you flew above them on the world map. This was top of the class 1999 console tech, ladies and gentlemen!

    FF9’s “Airship” I have not heard in a REALLY LONG time. Really gave me such a nostalgic rush to hear it again. Thanks for that.

    The chocobo segment was fantastic. A little clarification: “Electric de Chocobo” played when you were catching a Chocobo in battle.

    I knew the FFXIII-2 “Mad Chocobo” thing was coming. That song never ceases to crack me up. You guys should listen to “Pulse de Chocobo” from FFXIII though, it’s become one of my favorite versions of the theme for how jazzy it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDwAN90MKTo

    Also next Wednesday is still Rocktober! Don’t end it so suddenly! :O

  6. Thanks again Brelston this has been an awesome month! Final Fantasy is one of my favorite series!!! I also highly recommend anyone out there to check out OCRemixes FF VI and FF VII albums : ) Also check out Nobou Uematsus “newish” band Earthbound Papas

  7. Saying “I like Final Fantasy Music” is so cliche. But the truth is, as far as video game music goes, this stuff is truly classic.

    Thanks for a great month Brett, I have been waiting for the Final Fantasy shows on VGMPire and they didn’t disappoint.

  8. Great episode. I got hit with the nostalgia as soon as the episode opened. I LOVE FFX’s Prelude. That opening beat before the crystal chimes come in instantly brings me back to the first time I played FFX – which is also the first time I played a Final Fantasy game. It plays while Titus is walking around Zanarkand at the beginning of the game before the blitzball game and before Sin shows up. It’s probably the weirdest prelude, but it also might be my favorite. It’s so weird and oddly upbeat and sounds more like we’re about to start dancing then about to go on a grand adventure.

    Sailing the enterprise is a super-fun song. I never played any of the early final fantasy’s so I never heard this song before today, but I really like it. Always fun coming across gems I didn’t know about on VGMpire.

    I loved the chocobo-progression. Made me smile hearing the progression of the theme and listening to you guys analyze what 90’s commercial the music reminded you of. Great ending for the episode too. I really enjoyed the remix of the prelude. It does feel a little sad and a little hopeful at the same time – like sad that we’re leaving behind all of the old FF memories, but looking forward to what’s coming. I’m sad to leave FF music in VGMpire, but looking forward to what other games you have coming!

  9. A fine Rocktober, and great topic to end it on. Though it’s too bad you guys didn’t touch on XIII-2 and its red Chocobo theme, that would’ve been a great ending. Loved this series of episodes, and I can’t help but wonder next Rocktober will bring…

    Also, I demand a Chrono series episode(s)! Trigger and especially Cross are some of the best music ever.

    • …well that’ll learn me to open my big fat mouth/fingers and comment before finishing the episode. LOVED the inclusion of Crazy/red Chocobo from XIII-2.

  10. The intro to The Hildegarde always strikes me as an ABBA song before the rhythm kicks in.

    Man, a month just isn’t enough is it? Not because Rocktober wasn’t thorough, there’s just so much great music there. And I had no idea the DS remake of FF3 had such great music, thanks for that.

  11. Thanks Hank! Made me smile on the train ride to work this morning! I know I sounded like I was coming down hard on ya but… come on, man! The Emperor Gestahl’s (not gestalt but I’ll let that slide) death scene was a pretty critical and memorable plot point. It wasn’t obscure FF6 trivia like the name of the island that you find Gogo in or the name of Locke’s girlfriend that he tries to save with the Pheonix esper. If you guys were trying to remember that stuff I’d understand some fudging around the details. You were making real basic mistakes on the critical path of the storyline and I for one wouldn’t stand for it! ;p

    Also, WOW Bret Ellston; best podcast host ever or best podcast host ever? I was worried for a moment that you weren’t going to play Setzer’s Theme because it sounded like you had mistaken it for Blackjack but when you piped it in… so satisfying. A lot of people argue over which OST is better: ff6 or ff7 and while I agree that both are great, I think that Setzer’s Theme is proof positive that Uematsu was at his zenith then and ff7 is just barely over the crest of the hill. Setzer’s is so rousing! The sad variations of all the themes are brilliant and moving, too.

    As for the end of Rocktober, I was predicting a “Credits Roll” themed episode where you played all the ending credits music. This might’ve made for a long episode since some of those songs were long (FF6 clocks in at over 20 minutes but BOY is it the best 20 minutes of your life!) I also, alternatively, predicted a Chocobo themed episode so I guess I was half-right.

    Also, you are all terrible human beings for liking FF13-2. Today’s modern Final Fantasy’s are sad, shallow cosplay wankfests in comparison to the classic era. You’re just deluding yourselves into thinking they’re legitimately good games. They’re not. Yes, I know it’s really sad. 🙁

  12. Holy shit, Coq Roq?? My mind just exploded all over. I miss songs that sound like this (why did it have to be burger king?)

    cross the road!!!!

    oh yeah, FF rocks too. Black Chocobo 4 life.

  13. Sweet, yes, *chocobos.* I’ve always been partial to the quaint Hawaiian-style chocobo themes in FFIX.

    You guys have given me another reason to call October my favorite month. These past four eps have been a blast. Keep on rockin’, Bret & crew.

  14. This is an amazing episode. The Hildagarde gets me every time. I love it! I hope you guys to a surprise Rocktober encore for next week! It would give all us fans a wonderful surprise and bring great happiness 🙂

  15. A very pleasant end to the FF block. I think it will become a yearly tradition to listen to the last episode of Rocktober while making my Halloween costume. Here’s to next October!

  16. You guys are doing a fantastic job. The FF series as a whole has a lot of musical magicite worthy of using and developing over and over.

  17. A lot of amazing themes here. I’m glad you threw in the Chocobos; as I’m sure you know, the chocobos are kind of an homage to the Horseclaws from Nausicaa (http://hellyeahnausicaa.tumblr.com/post/46272629521 ). The airships seem to be at least partially inspired by Laputa ( http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130525072514/studio-ghibli/images/3/30/Airwhale.jpg ). Of course that’s no big deal; many games rip off Miyazaki (Skies of Arcadia comes to mind) more, and I always thought Final Fantasy seemed closest in spirit to Phantasy Star anyway.

  18. Absolutely loved how you did this Rocktober month. Grouping them by “themes” was really cool.

    Ah, Airships…I love the FF VI and VII ones in particular. I keep coming back to those two in particular. Granted, that’s probably because my affinity for those games is high (VI more than VII, though I love the music from VII still quite a lot).

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