Oct 222014


Into the modern Poke-era with choice jams from Black and White 2, plus X and Y!

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0:00:00 – Title Screen (XY)

0:13:16 – Battle Champion Iris (BW2)

0:16:40 – Battle Colress (BW2)

0:18:44 – Battle Ghetsis (BW2)

0:24:50 – Aspertia City (BW2)

0:27:33 – Driftveil City (BW2)

0:28:59 – Nimbasa Gym (BW2)

0:44:45 – Battle vs Trainer (XY)

0:46:16 – Battle vs Team Flare (XY)

0:47:38 – Battle vs Mewtwo (XY)

0:56:01 – Snowbelle City (XY)

0:57:07 – Kalos Power Plant (XY)

0:59:34 – Luminose City (XY)

1:13:28 – Kiseki (XY)

And once again, PLEASE check out these OSTs on iTunes. They are a great value and the fact they exist at all is a small miracle.

  12 Responses to “VGMpire 80 – Pokemonth 3DS”

  1. Ahhh, such a great episode! It makes me specially happy that you picked Kalos Power Plant, as it’s definitely one of my favorite songs from that game. Also helped me discover that Colress battle, which was pretty fun to listen to ^^

    Also, objectively, I recognize that Lumonse City is a great track… But I’m so sick of it by now. I think it’s just that the city is so frigging big and with so much to do, and so confusing to navigate, that I heard it way too much for my taste. Guess it doesn’t help that it’s a constant staple in one of the stages from Smash Bros 3DS.

    There’s also two tracks that I’d like to highlight, because they are favorites of mine from X&Y:

    Anistar City: This one stood out to me because of how solemn it sounds in comparison to most Pokemon songs. Very evocative, very strong, and very removed from the usual chirpy vibe that a lot of pokemon songs have.


    Laverre City: I just love how committed they were to giving this entire city such a fairy tale vibe, and that is perfectly reflected in this song, very sweet melodious, and even a bit melancholy.

  2. The X and Y soundtrack is easily my favorite from the Pokemon games.

  3. I watched all the Rocky movies last week, and while I was listening to this episode I realized I’d had Rockytober.

    The battle music for Black and White 2 sounds like Zuntata music, and sort of like Axelay.

  4. Who knows, maybe the release of the Pokemon soundtracks is Nintendo’s way of testing whether there’s a market for such music, which could lead to a Nintendo soundtrack download store.

  5. I’m really looking forward to the ORAS remakes. The GBA is a bit tinny for me to fully enjoy, so hearing those songs redone/remixed for the modern era to sound like XY should be pretty great.

  6. I can certainly hear the PS2 vibe in that power plant song. It made me think of dungeon music in that era’s RPGs, like Evolution Worlds, or a Tales game.

  7. Wow, this makes me want to play X & Y. I really dug all of this music. The Battle vs Trainer Music made me turn my headphones way up. Great episode and great music choices.

  8. Call me a picky audiophile if you have to, but the only reason why I don’t get music off iTunes is because of that .m4a format. Maybe I’m being compulsive, but I just HAVE to have everything in MP3 format. I love the fact that places like Bandcamp let you pick which file format you’d like for the music you purchase, be it FLAC, MP3, etc. More online music stores need to do this. Unfortunately it seems like Bandcamp/Loudr are unlikely to have any OSTs that aren’t indie-made.

    It’s kind of the same reason why I’ve been hesitant to buy the Mega Man OSTs digitally; they’re offered in 192kbps MP3s. If Nintendo, and other publishers, released these OSTs on Amazon (where they’re offered in 320kbps and Variable Bit Rate) then I’d absolutely jump on it. DuckTales Remastered, for example, was released on there and that’s where I ended up buying the OST.

    I know one can just convert M4A to MP3, but there’s quality loss in converting, so I’m not a fan of going that route. It’s a bummer for crazy people like me. -_-

    In any case, I was really surprised by Pokemon Black & White 2’s music, there’s some excellent stuff there! X & Y is great too. The Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions concert featured some AMAZING arrangements from X/Y. One of the standouts was the Gym Leader Battle music. They used an electronic backbeat, and hearing that with an orchestra was like I had entered an orchestral rave show, absolutely badass. “Professor Sycamore’s Theme” is another X/Y track that stands out for me. It just has a wonderful flair to it, with the accordion and French vibe.

  9. I’m still listening to this episode, but I have to ask:
    Will there be a fifth episode on the Pokemonth with the spin-offs???

  10. Between this and listening to The Dex podcast, I was inspired to get back into X and Y and probably get one of the ORAS games, too. I wish I was able to “catch ’em all,” but not having played consistently through the generations, there are so many legendaries or event Pokemon I just can’t imagine getting.

    I also never liked battling because I just didn’t understand the meta-game well enough. Plus, I never wanted to make a team of just “the bests.” Half the fun of Pokemon is everyone has their favorites. Still, with the help of my brother (who is a Pokexpert), I’m going to try and make a battling team that is made of of ones I like AND that might stand a chance.

    Anyway, thanks for the music again! X and Y really do have a very excellent soundtrack, and I hope this trend continues. Oh, and you also inspired me to finally go get that Mewtwo in my game.

    • That’s p much what I do, make a team of things I like and then try to train them as best I can. Not interested in making a “proper” competitive team.

  11. This entire series has been a joy enough to warrant my first post! Haven’t listened much before, now gone through the back-catalogue and have Persona and FF episodes to catch up with. Got me pumped and ready for the new games, despite the originals coming out in that “I’m too old for this” slump of teenager-ness. Thanks!

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