Oct 292014


With the main games out of the way, we now take a quick trip through the world of Pokemon spinoffs.

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0:00:00 – Title Theme (Colosseum)

0:07:14 – Cypher Peon Battle (Colosseum)

0:09:56 – Miror Bs Groove (Colosseum)

0:16:56 – Battle Now (XD)

0:19:17 – Miror B Theme (XD)

0:21:14 – Dark Lugia Theme (XD)

0:30:18 – Poison Cave (Snap)

0:32:15 – Electro Tunnel (Snap)

0:39:52 – Sky Tower (Blue Rescue Team)

0:46:59 – Thunderwave Cave (Blue Rescue Team)

1:02:29 – Red and Blue Theme (SSBB)

  25 Responses to “VGMpire 81 – Pokemonth Spinoffs”

  1. You could practically do a whole month of just the spin off games I’m sure! Great selection though. I was looking forward to seeing a smash remix at some point. This was a great Rocktober series!

  2. Yayyyyyyyy
    So nice that this year’s October has 5 Wednesdays!

  3. No Pokemon trading card game?


    Oh well, can’t always get what I want.

  4. Holy cow, the music between the mystery dungeon versions is slightly different?? Is there any precedence or anything since that’s been like that? That sounds crazy to me, no matter how small the differences are.

    • It might be one of the few times that has happened, yeah. Music-wise, games with different versions don’t tend to change up the music between them.

      Also, love how your avatar and mine are amusing opposites in several ways XD

  5. I love the spinoff games almost as much as the main series. Also Carolyn should really play Pokemon Snap.

  6. I absolutely love that Sky Tower theme, it’s my go to song to put in the background whn I’ve got to get stuff done. So good! Rocktober was spectacular. I’m a little surprised not to see some stadium tracks mixed in, but really like hearing the colosseum tracks again.

  7. No Pokemon Puzzle League?! Bahhhhhhh!

    Mr. Elston, not only was Pokemon Puzzle League a GREAT game (coming from a guy who doesn’t play Pokemon games) but the music was phenomenal! It’s criminal that you didn’t represent them on the show!

    I’m gonna come back here later me post some links. You’ll see!!

  8. Thanks, Brett, for all your hard work. Thanks also to H-E-N-E-R-E-Y and Carolyn and Antista and Mike. It’s so damn fun listening to your podcast. Okay, back to my Elysian Dragonstooth Stout.

  9. Oh my god. I love you so much for this. I listen to this while at work and once you got to the 2 B a Master part I sorta (silently but emphatically) lost my shit. I was singing along with you guys and semi-kermit flailing at my desk and everything (again, silently because work and adult and stuff). And I think I audibly squeaked when you segued into Pokemon Puzzle League because I love that game so much (I played it a lot with my mom and little brother. Hell, we still fire up the N64 just to play this every so often). So yeah. This was amazing.

    Also, god those mystery dungeon songs are good. If I can find my brother’s copy, I might have to finally play them.

  10. Fantastic job. I just want to let you know that many of the podcast that I have listened to while working in a cubicle farm has saved me from utter boredom. Also, thanks for getting me into Anamanaguchi and Bit Brigade. I saw Bit Brigade do the soundtrack for legend of zelda on nes while a fella did a speed run. It was astounding. Keep up the good work.

  11. Thanks for the fun month of Pokemon music! I was wondering what the last Wednesday was going to be, since you’d done all the generations available by the 4th Wednesday. Silly me; how could I forget about the myriad of Pokemon spin off titles?
    The only one of these games that I played was Snap, and I haven’t played that since the late 90s. However, it was surprising to me how quickly those tunes came back to me. The power of music, right?

  12. These podcasts brought back such a rush of nostalgia from my favorite games. Pokémon means a lot to me, and the music plays a great part of it. The series truly is my comfort food of gaming and I am happy to see its music get its time in the spotlight.

    It was also great revisiting these tracks and listening to them from a more critical perspective. And you know what? Pokemon music is awesome, even 2BA Master. You have crafted these playlists wonderfully, you would be hard pressed to be able to curate a better sampling of what Pokemon has to offer. Thank you Brett and company for Pokétober. It was a blast!

  13. Welp, now I’ve gotta dig out my N64 and play Pokemon Snap. And those Colosseum songs are way more “fighting game” than I would’ve expected.

  14. This Rocktober has been loads of fun. I only ever got really deep into two versions of Pokemon, Silver and Sapphire, so most of the podcasts were brand new territory with weird hints of nostaliga since Pokemon recycles most of its core themes. Definitely more pumped than ever to finally get a 3DS XL and Alpha Sapphire thanks to you guys. Until next Rocktober!

  15. Thanks again for an amazing Rocktober. I’m so glad to hear Mystery Dungeon in there.

  16. Pokemon Colosseum was a fun game, you start with two pokemon; Umbreon and Espeon, you also start the game destroying the bad guys hideout (you were a part of the organization) which changes things up.

    I may have to look into the mystery dungeon games.

    This was a fun Rocktober.

  17. The Mystery Dungeon music shown here is damn fine!

    And that’s all I have to say. About that.

    Also I wish I was a part of the Pokemon Snap craze. I just kinda played a friend’s copy once or twice when it came out and that was it. :/

  18. Great Rocktober Elston! I really love when you do these months of music

  19. I’ve figured out what next year’s Rocktober should be.

    Just Smash Bros. Wii U.

    In fact, there’s probably enough great music in that game to just to an entire Rock2015.

  20. Sorry I got so behind in listening and commenting, but I just wanted to say that this month was excellent. I’ve been playing Pokemon since 1998, and it was great to have 5 solid episodes devoted to the franchise.

    Also, I’ve got a Snorlax from Carolyn (nicknamed Cherylax) that I traded during one of the GamesRadar 24 hour marathons from years ago. Tell her it’s EV trained, and level 100, and resting safe in my Pokemon X. You guys rock.

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