Nov 082014


Remember World 1-2, the ensemble-cast album featuring new jams from Keiji Yamagishi (Ninja Gaiden), Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill) and Manami Matsumae (Mega Man)? The folks who put that fine piece o’ work together (Brave Wave y’know) have just released a new solo album featuring even more notable names from the VGM-verse.

The album begins with a track from Xbox One’s Crimson Dragon, then soars into a beautiful collection of vocal tracks that would feel right at home in a Panzer Dragoon game. If you’re not familiar with the series or its music, imagine the flighty freedom of riding a dragon through stunning landscapes and otherworldly scenarios compressed into audio form. It’s uplifting yet slightly melancholic, but undeniably gorgeous.

Visit the album page for the full “Journey” project and uh, if you like what you hear BUY IT. This isn’t just ‘some album,’ it’s the reformation of a duo that’s responsible for some great VGM. Saori Kobayashi brought us the Panzer Dragoon Saga and Orta OSTs, while Yumiko Takahashi lent her vocal talents to Suikoden. If that’s not enough, Final Fantasy legend Nobuo Uematsu pops by for a track too!

  5 Responses to “Panzer Dragoon, Suikoden and Final Fantasy composers return in new album”

  1. It’s almost unreal what they’re doing at Brave Wave.

    Did you know Manami Matsumae did work on the arcade version of U.N. Squadron (Area 88)?? It’s one of my favorite capcom soundtracks.

    • I was surprised when I recently listened to the Area 88 arcade OST; it sounded so much like the Genesis and nothing like I remember it sounding in the arcades. I attribute that to those classic arcade blaring speakers–everything sounded so distorted that the brain subconsciously fills in the gaps and makes it more hi-fi than it really was.

  2. My favorite track is the ‘Avalon’ Kozilek remix, made it impossible to not buy the whole album.

  3. just now listening to world 1-2 and this stuff is unreal with its excellence. thumbs up

  4. I will LISTEN to this. Panzer Dragoon is one of my favorite series, particularly on account of the music. Zwei was my favorite soundtrack, although I must admit I didn’t have much interaction with anything past Azel/Saga. I still get a little chill when I think of the second stage canyon level, at the moment the dragon leaps off the cliff into nothingness and takes to flight for the first time. Those were damn fine moments of gaming. I’m so happy right now.

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