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We travel from 1995 all the way to 2009 with this look at MM7, 8 and 9. SNES tunes, PSX dance grooves and modern-era chiptunes await.

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0:00:00 – Title (MM7)

0:11:30 – Bass (MM7)

0:12:58 – Freeze Man (MM7)

0:15:21 – Shade Man (MM7)

0:22:32 – Wily 1 (MM7)

0:25:04 – Wily 2 (MM7)

0:35:58 – Opening Scene (MM8)

0:37:25 – Astro Man (MM8)

0:39:13 – Search Man (MM8)

0:46:23 – Tengu Man (MM8)

0:48:07 – Frost Man (MM8)

0:49:48 – Wily 1 (MM8)

0:59:41 – Title (MM9)

1:00:02 – Magma Man (MM9)

1:01:34 – Splash Woman (MM9)

1:06:53 – Galaxy Man (MM9)

1:08:36 – Jewel Man (MM9)

1:10:12 – Wily Machine (MM9)

1:13:30 – Staff Roll (MM8)

  17 Responses to “VGMpire 103 – Rockmantober Part III”

  1. 8 gets more songs than 7? That’s a crime. 8’s music blows.

    You didn’t play the robot museum stage. That’s my favorite song from 7.

    Also weird that you did 9 in this episode. Instead of doing MM&B with these and then doing 9 and 10 together next episodes.

    • Welp, as a fan of some pretty awful dance music, I like 8’s soundtrack 😛

      The 9/10 split is weird, I agree, but I preferred going numerically and then the next ep will be a lot of in-betweens and other stuff. 10 doesn’t entirely fit there, but that way each episode will have at least one game that just about everyone knows.

      And please feel free to link songs you’d like others to hear:

    • I absolutely LOVE what MM8 was doing. In fact I was bummed that Grenade mans track wasn’t here. Of course no offense Brett you can’t play em’ all. As another man wading through his thirties I think MM8 hit us around the same time. To me at least the music sounded like, I don’t know, the FUTURE. I was discovering a lot of anime around the time too. They all combined to make for a great feeling of optimism.

      Another great show!

    • As a kid Mega Man 8 was the first MM game I played. I played it so much that, weirdly enough, I thought that the NES games were odd after growing accustomed to 8.

  2. I wouldn’t have guessed any of the music from 7 and 8 were from Mega Man games. They sound like Zuntata, maybe Bust a Move.

  3. Aw man you forgot to do the “boss music” comparison stuff.

  4. The anime that has the guy with the robot dog is casshern. Mega man is excellent, especially this Rocktober. Also its nice to get some mega man 8 love. No matter where i see doc light, that mm8 voice follows.

  5. The MM7 music was totally giving me Ys III vibes, similar usage of the SNES sound chip.. I should have seen the MM8 Dr. Why-Wee coming. I still put on that Talk Radar episode every once and awhile, good laughs.

    • And as an aside, another thing good for a few laughs is scaring kids with the Bret2-D2 sound clip. Bluetooth speakers and trick or treaters FTW.

  6. Been listening to VGMpire for a super long time and as a huge Mega Man fan, I’m really glad this year the franchise got the Rocktober treatment!

    7 is a game I always forget just how much I actually loved when I was younger, and whenever I hear any of the soundtrack I end up chain listening to it for days. On the other hand, I always gloss over just how AWFUL that voice acting is in 8 until I hear it again.
    Great episodes so far! Listening along to this weeks episode, I made a small inktober effort so thanks for the inspiration!

    I hope jokes aside you delve into some Mega Man Soccer tracks in the last episode – it has a few real hidden gems like:

    From London and one of the only people in the city who doesn’t like football, yet I remain inordinately fond of Mega Man Soccer…

    • Wow that track’s pretty good! I played a fair amount of MMS but didn’t commit any songs to memory. I’ll probably do another batch of MM episodes at some point because like, Powered Up, Soccer, Rockboard etc all pile up into a Spinoff show.

      • That’s great! I’ll look forward to the ‘spinoff’ game episode then. Curious what’s in store beyond Mega Man 10 for October’s final episode, in that case!

        Oh, I made some vague tweet at the VGMpire account but congratulations on over 100 episodes now! The 100th was really an excellent listen. Keep up the great work!

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QvVL4Xk3ZE

    YAAASSS Mega Man VII is still my favorite Classic MM game, and the first Classic MM I played. I remember renting it at an olddddd rental place back in ’98. I remember Cloud Man’s theme being so catchy, it stuck with me from that point on. Above all though, I have to say Burst Man, Freeze Man, Shade Man and Wily 1 are my favorite tracks from that game. I can totally tell that “Burst Man” was done by Yuko Takehara, it has this style about it that makes me instantly think of Breath of Fire II. And I think MM7 Wily 1 is heaps better than MM2 Wily 1, it really deserves to be covered in some dark jazz/funk way. Fun fact to think about: Yuko Takehara composed Mega Man X’s “Boomer Kuwanger,” while Makoto Tomozawa did “Spark Mandrill” and “Storm Eagle.”

    I love how the Robot Museum track references a few different Mega Man titles, it’s so weird but great. Snake Man/Gutsman/Heat Man, I think?


    Your talk about Mega Man VII’s ending and Mega Man’s violent lashing out at Wily reminds me of Greg’s write-up on it on Capcom-Unity! Interestingly, Mega Man doesn’t say “Die Wily!” in the Japanese version… http://www.capcom-unity.com/gregaman/blog/2014/08/29/more-words-on-the-art-and-science-of-localization

    With regards to how MM7 sounds soooo different from the previous games, yes, the improved SNES sound certainly is a big reason behind it, but I also think it’s because it’s the first Mega Man title to have a ton of composers work on it. MM1-6 had maybe one or two composers going at it, but 7 had about 9 people contribute music, so I think that explains a lot about the differing styles used.

    I highly enjoyed renting and playing Mega Man 8 as well. Heck, I remember going out to Toys R Us to buy it at $20, still black-label at the time. The Elmer Fudd Dr. Light is someone I constantly quote to this day. “THAT’S A GOOD KRESTION.”

    Musically, MM8 was pretty good too, and again very different from the rest. The only thing I can’t stand about Mega Man 8 is Clown Man. There’s nothing good to say about that robot master, its level theme or the level design.

    I remember reading the news about Mega Man 9 and being pleasantly surprised by it. I didn’t agree with a lot of the oldschool fans going “YEAH 7 & 8 SUCKED 8-BIT FOREVER” but I thought it was a great throwback. And still one of the hardest MM games I’ve ever played, but damn did it feel good to actually beat it!

    Galaxy Man & Tornado Man are my favorites from Mega Man 9. I can’t hear Splash Woman without thinking about Mega Ran’s version of it, it’s so damn good. Hornet Man’s another favorite.


    That Wily boss theme from MM9 is the freaking best. Love the “alarm” sounds and the way the track loops back into the beginning, it just really has this.

    Looking forward to your picks from Mega Man 10 (Solar Man, yes!?) and Rockman & Forte (Akari Kaida’s Coldman, yes!?)

  8. I started listening to the podcast this week with episode 48 and just finished 56. Now I’m downloading every one. Absolutely love it. Found out about you guys from the Legacy Music Hour and it’s right up my alley. I have a monotonous job and your show makes it bearable. Thank you for doing it, I can’t express strongly enough how much it resonates with me as video games were such an important part of my childhood in the ’90s. Can’t wait to catch up to the current episode.

  9. A++ Dragon Ball trolling.

    Never really touched Mega Man beyond the initial X and Legends games, but these episodes have been really enjoyable. Picked up Legacy Collection based the music (and, Jeremy Parish’s review), and it’s been a blast thus far. Thanks!

    Now that the seal is broken on Capcom episodes, an Ace Attorney episode with Bob Mackey is a necessity.

  10. wow, MM7 sounds really… unMegaManny. I guess that’s what they were going for in look and sound, they wanted you to KNOW this isn’t the NES MegaMan. It just feels too unMegaMan like MegaMannish if you will.

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