Oct 282015


Rocktober 2015 concludes with incredible MM10 jams, surprising tracks from Wily Wars and a trio of tunes from Mega Man and Bass.

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0:00:00 – Title (MM10)

0:07:53 – Solar Man (MM10)

0:10:35 – Strike Man (MM10)

0:12:37 – Blade Man (MM10)

0:20:25 – Nitro Man (MM10)

0:22:48 – Wily 2 (MM10)

0:25:08 – Get the Punk Out (MM10)

0:36:19 – Buster Rod G (Wily Wars)

0:38:22 – Mega Water S (Wily Wars)

0:39:51 – Hyper Storm H (Wily Wars)

0:43:35 – Tower 1 (Wily Wars)

0:45:28 – Tower 2 (Wily Wars)

0:47:09 – Tower 3 (Wily Wars)

0:54:39 – Cold Man (MMnB)

0:56:48 – King’s Fortress (MMnB)

0:58:38 – Tengu Man (MMnB)

1:07:31 – Ending (MM2)

  17 Responses to “VGMpire 104 – Rockmantober IV”

  1. Oh great, Bret is leaving Capcom without having another job lined up.

    One more mouth for Patreon to feed!

  2. My go to Mega Man 10 track is Sheep Man because it fits the crazy level so perfectly:


    But thanks for the reminder of how great Solar Man is. Completely didn’t realise 10 had varied composers – for some reason I had the album artist listed as Bun Bun across the board. Now that you bring it to my attention, Nitro Man DOES sound very Manami Matsumae. Very cool!

    Mega Man and Bass is one of the few Mega Man games I never played. This prompted me to pick up the Wii U Virtual Console version!

    Big news at the end of this one! Good luck for the future, Brett! Wishing you the best and keep up the awesome VGMpire work!

  3. As someone who basically ignored the release of Mega Man 10, hearing music from the game has made me reconsider checking it out. Especially that Solar Man track, good stuff.

    Another fantastic Rocktober, guys! Well done.

    Brett, good luck with your next steps in life. VGMpire continues to be a great tribute to video game music, and easily one of the most entertaining podcasts out there. Thanks for your continued efforts on this show.

  4. I had Sega Channel growing up – our parents would take part of our allowance to pay the monthly fee every month. Never bought a Sega game after that point.

    Very much like Netflix for games. Every month the list of about 30 titles would change over.

    The big downside was the cartridge would only support one save file – if you wanted to play 2 RPGs at the same time you were out of luck.

  5. Solar Man was the first theme I remember hearing from Mega Man 10 and I was FLOORED by it. It was basically chiptune thrash metal, it’s so badass. Even more badass knowing Bun Bun came back to compose that one!

    I eventually covered it for VGdrum. Still one of my favorites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn9nhIf8-Sc

    I wish they had Harumi Fujita onboard for MM10, but the fact that they got pretty much everyone else to compose a tune for 10 is just amazing.

    Even though I got MM10 at launch I have yet to beat it — I stopped at the first Wily Stage cause I got discouraged by the difficulty. I think I’m gonna have to livestream that badboy!

    I was pleasantly surprised by the new Wily Wars stuff, especially Hyper Storm H! I wasn’t aware of how much original music there was in the game. I’ve met Kinuyo Yamashita on two separate occasions, and even got to rock out to Bit Brigade playing Castlevania music while standing next to her. Moment of zen, I tell ya!

    I only played a tiny bit of Rockman & Forte and the GBA Mega Man & Bass…never really got around to playing through it, but I do love Akari Kaida’s “Cold Man!” The guitar sound from that one sounds straight outta Marvel vs. Capcom / X-Men vs. Street Fighter / Street Fighter Alpha! There’s a great remix of it that WAS on YouTube until the user closed their account, so I’ve decided to reupload it here, it’s astoundingly GOOD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWx_5r1ucWU

    And of course, good luck Brett on the future. Capcom USA won’t be the same without ya.


    Also, couldn’t listen to the Mega Man 2 Ending without singing The Megas’ lyrics… “Tellll me Doctor Light, why did I FIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHTTTT?”

  6. I didn’t expect to hear that Brett was leaving Capcom. It was cool to see his and Chris’s names at the end of a few games. Will we get more Capcom VGMpires now?

  7. First off, this was an amazing month of top notch music. I personally only really have experience with the Battle Network Franchise, which is fantastic no matter what anyone might say. But the sheer quality of amazing music in this Rocktober was astounding. I hope whatever transition you go through is a good one Brett, and I think we all know you won’t lose your passion for video game music.

  8. Brett we love you. Never mind a certain someone who has been routinely negative on every comment they have ever posted. I can’t figure out that guys deal.

    Whatever. We’re all pulling for you here and we love the work you do. Seriously it can be the highlight of a tough week. Good luck on your future endeavors!

  9. VGMpire routinely reminds me of how many franchises I missed out on by being slightly younger than you guys. This month has been amazing, and really compliments the first Rocktober in terms of franchises that show off the true breadth of 8-bit music.

    On another note, Brett, I wish you all the luck in the world in your future endeavors. You’ve always been a fantastic personality for the games press, and whoever snaps you up will be gaining a real asset. In the meantime, why not drop in on Laser Time more often? Chris needs to torture you with more unbearable audio.

  10. This has been a great Rocktober! I knew nothing about Wily Wars or the Sega Channel, so it was really interesting to hear about that. The past couple episodes have made me want to finally play through MM9 and 10, they’re actually available on the Wii U through the Wii mode, assuming you can navigate the Wii Shop’s horrendous interface.

    Also, best of luck with whatever you end up doing after Capcom! Hope you get some time to relax during the transition, and maybe it’ll give you time to appear on certain other podcasts 😉 Glad to hear VGMpire will be continuing, it is one of my favorite podcasts and has exposed me to so much great stuff. MAGFest is right down the road from me, so I’ll definitely come say hi!

  11. To me personally the music from MM10 was a bit lackluster and generic. 9 had an awesome soundtrack but in 10 there are only a very few selected tracks that I really like. Strike Man’s theme is really awesome for example… until that strange baseball theme comes in.
    I’m not sure what happened here but then again I think MM10 is worse than MM9 in every aspect. Maybe it’s because the retro theme got old after 9.

  12. Another excellent Rocktober in the books! I just wanted to take the time to express my long overdue appreciation for the time and effort you put into this podcast. Before VGMpire I was always a casual fan of game music, I would listen to it alot, but never had the true appreciation for it that it deserves. I never bothered to look up a composers name and check out ant previous works they might have had, nothing like that till this podcast ( example, now Journey to Silius isn’t an “artist” on my ipod anymore, its a Naoki Kodaka album). Its also gotten me regularly attending Magfest and othr local game music themed conventions, as well as getting me into chiptunes to the extent that I got a modded Play it Now gameboy with LSDJ and am trying, and failing miserably, to learn to make my own music. So I cant express enough thanks for lighting the path for this musical journey you’ve sent me down!! Hopefully I’ll run into you at Magfest this year so I can thank you in person! Keep up the good work man!!

  13. Great work as always Brett. Those Wily Wars tracks were awesome! Never would’ve guessed they were from the mega drive.

  14. Always love your Rocktobers and this was no exception. Fantastic!

  15. Buster Rod G? sounds like a fake rapper name making fun of raper names from the 80’s and early 90’s. eww.

    some parts of Tower 3 (Wily Wars) sound like a slightly sped up version of the song Automatic, by the Pointer Sisters. https://youtu.be/KNi8aW8Nf6s

    this was a great ending to ROCKTOBERRRRR. i gave my well wishes and hopes for the future on the LT post you did, but heck I still can wish you the best for the near and far future as always. never settle for good enough and always be amazing. always.

  16. Great Rocktober, Elston! I enjoyed each and every episode; it was interesting to listen to how action platformer music evolved from 8-bit sounds to 16-bit, to 32-bit, then back to 8-bit.

  17. I was waiting for Chris to point out that the one Genesis track has the same melody as PIZZA POWER….and then he did!!

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