Jan 132016


Who coulda guessed an obscure shooter series would have incredible, blood pumping music? Oh, actually, guest Patrick Kulikowski knew, and brought tunes from all three Mahou Daisakusen games.

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0:00:00 – Saddle Horn (Kingdom Grand Prix)

0:06:52 – Sorcer Striker (Mahou Daisakusen)

0:10:00 – Rock The Accept (Mahou Daisakusen)

0:19:11 – Lead Departure (Kingdom Grand Prix)

0:20:33 – Sock the Brain (Kingdom Grand Prix)

0:22:35 – Flag Race (Kingdom Grand Prix)

0:32:57 – Novice Reining (Kingdom Grand Prix)

0:34:56 – Sonic Keenness (Kingdom Grand Prix)

0:36:38 – Bomboo Forest (Kingdom Grand Prix)

0:42:30 – Sliding Stop (Kingdom Grand Prix)

0:45:14 – Trial (Kingdom Grand Prix)

0:55:22 – Scramble (Dimahoo)

0:57:43 – Iron Knuckle (Dimahoo)

1:00:26 – Bold Trap (Dimahoo)

1:09:54 – Soft Machine (Dimahoo)

  5 Responses to “VGMpire 109 – Magic Armageddon Music”

  1. Chris, I love you buddy but that Jackal Rebirth never happened. Oh how I wish.

  2. This was a great episode! I will totally look for this CD set on my next CD shopping binge.
    Tiny correction: “daisakusen” does not mean “armageddon” it has no english equivalent but it’s akin to “grand operation” or “epic mission” as seen in classic Japanese translations of US shows “Spy Daisakusen” (Mission: Impossible) and “Space Daisakusen” (Star Trek).

    • Glad you enjoyed the ep! And thanks for that clarification, last time I rely on Wikipedia and Google Translate for Japanese title translations. 🙂 Think of it as our own AYB.

  3. Patrick,
    You get huge points in my book for Interviewing Sakimoto, and geeking out on his obscure stuff. I love his early work on the Genesis. It’s easy to recognize his sound driver; Terpsichorean Genesis tracks tend to be rock solid in their timing and the way the channels mesh. Even some of the better Genesis/MD compositions tend to fall apart when the CPU is being heavily taxed, like the Z80’s trying to juggle more balls than it can handle at once.

    I haven’t spent enough time trying to separate what Sakimoto did alone as opposed to his work with Iwata, but his Gauntlet IV, Devilish, Master of Monsters, and Verytex soundtracks are incredible……Not to mention Treasure Hunter G. Anyway, thanks for exposing us to the Mahou Daisakusen series. I have another series of favorites to add to my collection.

  4. I have listened to this episode 4 times now and to be honest the music in this episode (especially Flag Race, which could possibly be the most amazing piece of music I have ever heard) has really changed my view on VGM. Thank you so much for showing this music and more importantly thank you for the podcast. Words can’t express how happy this made me. Also playing this over Dark souls has made me and my friends fall apart laughing.

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