Mar 162016


We don’t wanna make promises we can’t keep, but this early 90s Superman game has an unexpectedly great OST that channels Streets of Rage and Out Run. A fine example of the console put to good use – a must listen!


00:00 – Title Screen

08:12 – Round 1

11:39 – Boss BGM 1

13:32 – Round 2

23:01 – Round 4

25:45 – Boss BGM 3

34:15 – Staff Roll

  4 Responses to “VGMini 06 – Superman Genesis”

  1. Fun tunes, Brett. As I was listening, I was thinking to myself that the songs sounded like copies of Koshiro’s work more with instrument mimicry as opposed to compositional style…..until I came to Boss BGM 3. It sounds TOTALLY “inspired” by the last level of Revenge of Shinobi, especially in its tempo and bass guitar arpeggios. Check it:

    Anyway, really nice tunes.

  2. Another unexpectedly awesome soundtrack. Your killing it with these VGMini’s Brett!

  3. I should listen to this more. My favorite thing about this game is how the newspaper articles on the Daily Planet are clearly labeled for a few days starting from December 22 — someone went out of their way to do this — yet there’s nothing holiday-themed in the game in any way whatsoever.

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