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Top composers from across Japan graced the Caped Crusader’s NES, SNES, Genesis and even Game Boy titles, cementing a VGM legacy that no other hero can touch. Listen along as we play amazing jams from 1990 and beyond.

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00:00 – Stage 1 (Batman NES)

07:07 – Stage 3 (Batman NES)

08:17 – Gotham Streets (Batman GB)

10:54 – Flugelheim Museum (Batman GB)

17:10 – Gotham City Streets (Batman Genesis)

19:05 – Skies Above Gotham (Batman Genesis)

21:14 – Final Battle with Joker (Batman Genesis)

28:14 – Stage 1 comparison (Return of the Joker NES, Genesis, SNES)

31:57 – Urgent Situation Stage 2-2 (Return of the Joker NES)

33:18 – Decisive Fight Stage 7 (Return of the Joker NES)

41:00 – Gotham Plaza (Batman Returns NES)

42:13 – Shreck’s Store (Batman Returns NES)

44:00 – The Penguin Army (Batman Returns NES)

49:36 – Gotham Plaza (Batman Returns SNES)

51:11 – Penguin’s Lair (Batman Returns SNES)

58:12 – Ending and Credits (Batman NES)

  9 Responses to “VGMpire 114 – Batman Beats”

  1. I’ve been waiting for this one. That NES Batman OST totally rips!

  2. This ep reignited my love of Sunsoft’s Batman music! I’ve always adored Naoki Kodaka’s NES music. Like Kageyama-san’s Gimmick, the both of them were able to bust out some really awesome sounds with the NES sound chip.

    Even though I vaguely remember playing the NES Batman way back when at a friend’s house, I didn’t really get into it until listening to The Advantage’s covers of both Batman NES & Return of the Joker’s Stage 1s:

    Also this is SO on my wishlist: A Sunsoft CD with the music from Batman NES, Return of the Joker, Blaster Master, Journey to Silius etc etc

    I was surprised by the GB and Genesis stuff, not to mention the variations of Return of the Joker (NES one still takes the cake). Besides Batman & RotJ NES I really loved Batman Returns SNES as a kid. I had the Nintendo Power featuring Michael Keaton’s Batman on the cover – I read that issue religiously and soaked in all the Batman Returns level layouts well before I ever played the game. I remember borrowing it from my cousin and being OBSESSED, because I loved the movie so much as a kid. I really love how well the SNES version approximates Danny Elfman’s score and overall style. There was a great in-depth article about the SNES conversion but for the life of me I can’t find it anymore 🙁 I feel like I might’ve read it on 1UP?? But I’m not sure. Google doesn’t come up with ANYTHING.

    Also, shoutouts to Tim and Geoff Follin for the Batman Forever SNES soundtrack. Game might be garbage, but the jazzy and orchestral stuff from BF was actually really good! Also the Animated Series Batman games on Genesis/SNES weren’t bad, right??

    • I remember getting the Genesis version of Batman Forever right when it came out (it was expensive!), and the controls were abysmal. I was stuck for months, trying to figure out how to get past one of the first stages, only to discover that you needed to hold up AND a button to use the damn grappling hook!

  3. No love for Jesper Kyd’s Adventures of Batman & Robin soundtrack for Genesis? FOR SHAME!!!

    Lucky the rest of this music was so good… so I’ll forgive you. 😀

  4. The NES Batman Return of the Joker game is one of the most underrated games of all time.

    • Visually, that game was stunning. They had some really impressive tricks to get that parallax working in that game, particularly around the train stage.

  5. This, like all of your episodes is amazing! I played so much Batman NES when I was younger and even got to a point where I would play it just so I could listen to the soundtrack. Even to this day I listen to the music often. It really has a grinding tone to it. Almost Sega Genesis sound. So good!

  6. god. damn. this is so GOOD. JESUS. I’m listening as i type this and every second i want to just make bigger words.. fuck. what a treasure.

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