Mar 302016


Even after a whole episode of Batman tunes, we had to devote a VGMini to this Game Boy title that sports tunes from Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae.

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00:00 – The Sewers

09:04 – Boss Battle

10:00 – The Train

15:33 – Limestone Cavern

17:02 – Vs Joker

23:08 – Ending

  5 Responses to “VGMini 07 – Return of the Joker GB”

  1. Great episode. I love that the mini episodes allow us to hear a little more form a particular game or style of music.

    Now about those Mario episodes…

  2. I didn’t even know Manami-san did a GB Batman game! Very cool. I can totally pick out her style here. The first track after the intro especially makes me think of her panel at MAGFest 2016 and how she’s all about making tunes as catchy as possible.

  3. mkay, that was a nice little snack of a mini. my roommate is a Manami Matsumae super fan and probably has a collection of everything she’s ever done. He was so excited when she was announced for MN9. honestly so was I and this is some really good music to say it was coming out of a GB. how?! they were pushing the heck out of those things. I feel like I never appreciated any of it during its time, but I was a kid so how could I? I didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes I just knew the games worked, and that was fun.

  4. Wooooah, I would have never guessed that this soundtrack would have been so good. I’ve been listening to return of the Joker on the NES for years, but didn’t think to check this out. I was blown away.

    Sunsoft were masters of NES and Gameboy. Between then, Konami, and Capcom, this was a great time for VG music.

    Thanks for turning this into a mini, and the insight on Manami-san.

  5. This was a nice surprise game, so many games for gameboy with great music that I will only ever find out about from listening to you guys, thanks a lot Brett and gang!

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