Apr 062016


Composer Alexander Brandon joins us to talk about the 2000 sneak-em-up Deus Ex and its sequel, Invisible War. Cyberpunk spy tunes await!



0:00:00 – Title (Deus Ex)

0:20:39 – UNATCO (Deus Ex)

0:22:46 – NYC Streets (Deus Ex)

0:25:02 – NYC Bar 2 (Deus Ex)

0:37:12 – Enemy Within (Deus Ex)

0:39:00 – The Synapse (Hong Kong Street, Deus Ex)

0:41:18 – Versalife (Deus Ex)

0:46:56 – DuClare Chateau (Deus Ex)

0:49:58 – Paris Action (Deus Ex)

1:05:44 – Seattle Hub and Emerald Suites (Invisible War)

1:08:39 – Lower Seattle (Invisible War)

1:11:13 – Templar Compound (Invisible War)

1:22:55 – The Illuminati (Deus Ex)

  17 Responses to “VGMpire 115 – Deus Ex Discourse”

  1. You guys got Alexander Brandon?! Oh my lord, this’ll be a great one to listen to today. I’d be up for future episodes that touch on Tyrian and Unreal Tournament!

  2. Great episode! I’m surprised you guys went the whole time under the impression that Deus Ex had a sequel, though.

  3. Man was I stoked when I saw this in my playlist!!! This is the episode I’ve been waiting for! Now go smooth talk Alexander Brandon back for an Unreal episode!

  4. Great music, great interview, great episode. Well done.

  5. This almost seemed like Patrick’s show, with Brett as the guest.

    • That should be guest host.

      • pretty much, like the BoF or Daisakusen episodes, or even the Jet Set episode. If someone else is more knowledgeable I’m happy to let them take the wheel.

        • Still worth mentioning during the recording, while I would pre-empt the tracks with my own opinions about them, I wanted to let Brett react to them after the music break.

  6. Damn, Alexander Brandon! I’ve always loved the soundtrack to Deus Ex, Unreal, and some of his other pieces of work so its really insightful to hear from the composer himself! Its great to hear about what goes on behind the scenes. I’ve always loved to hear about audio design.

  7. Unrelated to current episode comment:

    I just got my street fighter 2 vinyls from Brave Wave in the mail, it’s so cool seeing Brett Elston in the liner notes.

    Also, they sound amazing. The remastering is so good.

  8. Loved this episode! The first game had such an engrossing atmosphere, and the music definitely contributed to that.

    I have the sudden urge to go back and play through this again.

    Great choice to get one of the composers on board, too. What really stood out about this episode was all of the inside info you were able to get.

  9. OK, I’m going back to play this, with some mods now. Here is a big overhaul I found on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/397550/

    Are any of you using mods during your new playthroughs?

  10. You guys are going to do more shows right? =)

    I loved the Deus Ex soundtrack, as well as the work that team (+/- a few members) did on Unreal and UT. The music helped knock those games up above the rest at the time.

  11. Brelston, you scared me! I’ve been looking for the next episode, and this morning, an iTunes search on VGMpire produced a “no results” message. I was so happy to see your site still here, and VGMpire is back on iTunes(after whatever updating was transpiring that I must have stumbled onto).

  12. Yeah i have no new episodes since this one…..is there some issue with iTunes? Love this show, constantly telling friends about it.

  13. Is VGMpire canned? If so thats a shame…

    Twitter seems fairly inactive
    No updates here on the site

    Just radio silence all around…

  14. Good episode, but that was like a month ago. Wondering if the host is on a sabbatical or something. In the meantime I’m listening to old episodes.

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