Feb 222017


We discuss the music and mind-bending madness behind 999, Virtue’s Last Reward and Zero Time Dilemma. Get ready for catchy dance tunes, light industrial clanging and trippy talks about time travel and morphic fields!

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0:00:00 – Digital Root (999)

0:10:04 – Ternary Game (999)

0:15:15 – Extreme Extrication (999)

0:23:27 – Cabin (Virtue’s Last Reward)

0:27:14 – Placidity (VLR)

0:31:29 – Monitor (VLR)

0:38:44 – Confession (VLR)

0:43:01 – Clarification (VLR)

0:47:27 – Divulgation (VLR)

0:56:15 – Trash Room (Zero Time Dilemma)

0:58:29 – Transporter Room (ZTD)

1:05:19 – Blue Bird Lamentation (VLR)

  4 Responses to “VGMpire 132 – Zero Escape Excellence”

  1. The 999 OST has become one of my all-time favorite game soundtracks over the years,, I still listen to it frequently while working. Shinji Hosoe has released a ton of cool 90s-flavored electronic music I think Brett in particular would appreciate, using the (awesome) alias ‘SamplingMasters MEGA’ .

  2. I’ve never played any of these games, but I love the soundtracks now, so thanks for introducing me to them. All the layering, and the subtle tension between the chilled-out elements and the more sinister sounds, reminds me a bit of Download’s “Effector” album.

  3. Never got around to checking this series out despite a bunch of my friends being really into it. This music is really freaking good. Just love the trip-hoppy aspects of it — very chill. If that re-release / remake / repackaging is on Vita or something, maybe I’ll finally give it a shot. The puzzles do seem crazily daunting, though.

  4. I’d never heard of these games, but the soundtracks really tickled my “chill” bone. Excellent episode with a lot of tracks that surprised me–great for listening while drawing (or otherwise being creative.)

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