Dec 142011

Celebrating 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog with a look at the four original games that launched a cultural touchstone

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0:00:00 – Sonic Boom Intro (Sonic CD)
0:08:46 – Spring Yard Zone (Sonic 1)
0:10:12 – Labyrinth Zone (Sonic 1)
0:11:31 – Scrap Brain Zone (Sonic 1)
0:18:57 – Emerald Hill Zone (Sonic 2)
0:20:30 – Aquatic Ruin Zone (Sonic 2)
0:23:49 – Oil Ocean Zone (Sonic 2)
0:25:21 – Sky Chase Zone (Sonic 2)
0:33:32 – Hydro City Zone Act 1 (Sonic 3)
0:35:33 – Hydro City Zone Act 2 (Sonic 3)
0:37:24 – Ice Cap Zone Act 1 (Sonic 3)
0:40:16 – Ice Cap Zone Act 2 (Sonic 3)
0:44:36 – Special Stage Sphere (Sonic 3)
0:46:56 – Final Boss Theme (Sonic 3)
0:48:43 – Credits (Sonic 3)
0:54:50 – Lava Reef Zone (Sonic 3)
0:56:11 – Flying Battery Zone Act 2 (Sonic 3)
0:57:39 – Sandopolis Zone Act 2 (Sonic 3)
1:02:16 – Chemical Plant Classic (Generations)
1:05:14 – Green Hill Zone Classic (Generations)
1:08:30 – Sonic Boom Closing (Sonic CD)

Editing this week’s show made me want to highlight all the ending songs for the series, so maybe I’ll make a post about that soon. As for the Sonic 3 discussion, I hope we accurately explained the Michael Jackson situation… it’s a weird subject with a lot of twists and turns, so it’s easy to get facts mixed up.  Especially when the facts are dubious to begin with! Also, Sonic CD is totes out on XBLA/PSN now, so hop to it!

  32 Responses to “VGMpire episode 08 – Super Sonic Celebration”


  2. Yes! Love the Ice Cap Zone and Credits in Sonic 3!

  3. The animated Sonic Boom intro blew my young mind. Should be a treat!

  4. “If someone touches your chilli dog, thats nooo good”

  5. Cool, blow me.

  6. Sonic 2 came with my Genesis in a bundle (this was around 1993 I think) I instantly loved it. I never had Sonic 1 (On genesis but I have it now) and to me Sonic 2 is the pinnacle of the series, I prefer it over 3. The wonky in your face music fits the mood and theme of the game perfectly. This episode brought back a lot of memories about my Genesis, which I sold in 2000 for 40 bucks with all my games……..yup I’m an idiot.

  7. Hydro City Zone Act 2 and the final boss music from 3 sound pretty Castlevaniaish to me. I cn just see a chubby little hedgehog tossing crosses at an eggman. And the Ice Cap Zone songs sound like Mega Man songs, in a Genesis way.

    I like the ring sort of sounds in several of the songs. It definitely sounds like Sonic music when you can visualize picking up rings just from the music.

    I ordered the first Sonic from an ad in a Game Fan magazine. I’m not sure there was even a real release date for it, it just came out sometime, you certainly couldn’t go to a store on Tuesday and expect the game to be in stock yet. I didn’t really like it that much, and I’m not sure if I ever got later games as they came out, though I got Sonic CD later, that isometric one on Saturn, and both Dreamcast Adventure games, none of which I really liked that much. For some reason I still look fondly on Sonic, though, even though I never enjoyed any of the games that much.

  8. Shame that there’s only one boss theme. The various boss musics from Sonic have always been a favorite of mine. And it will always be Dr. Ivo Robotnik to me. I just can’t take the name Eggman seriously. Oh well, maybe there is a boss music special episode in the future? *hinthint*

  9. Downloaded CD today and after listening to this had to bust out Generations. Now I sort of wish I knew how to play 3D Sonic. Awesome music though.

  10. Sonic 2, pretty much the first game I saw/played in my life. I immediately fell in love with the soundtrack…and VGMs in general…

    Cool, blow me.

  11. love that ice cap zone music, gets me in the mood for christmas

  12. Labyrinth Zone still brings a tear to my eye.

  13. Thanks, Brett!

  14. I had sonic music stuck in my head! awesome timing!

  15. Thanks, Elston! Lovin’ this episode!


  16. background music for mah birthday!

  17. This episode is really speaking to me. Sonic 2 was my first game and Sonic 3 and Knuckles is one of my favorite games ever. Thank you for this one. Those games have a very special place in my heart and hearing the music takes me back.

  18. FUCK YEA!!

  19. The OC Remix of Sonic songs always get me going.

  20. Great podcast.

  21. i just got sonic generations and was thinking that Brett should do a VGMpire on sonic, and this delivered!

    as sonic 2 was the first game i played, ever, sonic has always been special in my heart and so has the music. when you played Emerald Hill zone i felt so great because of all those memories.

    please continue with VGMpire, as it is really great and please PLEASE do an episode on the Ace Attorney series, because i love that music so much!

  22. Great podcast! I have been itching for a sonic themed episode. And Brett, I hope you are planning to do a podcast discussing the mario and luigi rpg series sooner or later, there are so many great songs in those games, especially superstar saga and bowsers inside story. just an idea. hope you use it!

  23. I wonder which Sonic CD opening Guile prefers?

  24. I love Sonic. I love VGMpire. I loved this all Sonic episode of VGMpire!

  25. Please do a Kirby episode! make sure to include lava landing, it’s beautiful

  26. Wonderful stuff, keep it up!

  27. No love for starlight zone from sonic 1… For shame

    • Of course I love it… just didn’t put it in this episode! Can’t play the whole OST, so I gotta choose!

  28. Sonic 3 sits tied with Scott Pilgrim for my favourite game soundtrack.

  29. […] cover this back in Episode 8, mainly because the credits is a “megamix” of every other song in the game. So, with […]

  30. I am completely convinced that the composers for the first few sonic games were very influenced by Rick astley.

  31. […] history behind Sonic 3′s music – covered a bit in our Super Sonic Celebration episode – was one of the juiciest scoops in VGM history. But today a member of OC ReMix […]

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