Nov 112013

The history behind Sonic 3’s music – covered a bit in our Super Sonic Celebration episode – was one of the juiciest scoops in VGM history. But today a member of OC ReMix dropped a bomb on this thought-to-be-over saga!

From the OCR post:

Listen to this –
The Jetzons – Hard Times

What you are listening to is a note for note song that is the technically Ice Cap ..roughly a decade before Ice Cap zone even appeared in Sonic 3.

The story goes like this.
Brad Buxor was the keyboardist from a New Wave band called The Jetzons.
This is their unreleased track, called Hard Times.
Now, those who have done their homework will know Brad Buxor also contributed music to Sonic 3 …he should be in the credits for the game, even.

What people believe happened is that an unreleased track from The Jetzons winds it way in to the hands of MJ, who had been working on Sonic 3’s music at the time.
Instant level music for Ice Cap zone.

This ….this is insaaaane! And unbelievably mind blowing.


  6 Responses to “The secret origin of Sonic 3 Ice Cap Zone”

  1. NICE!
    the story of sonic’s secrets continue to unfold and the wonderful mysteries of the game industry just keep coming!

  2. Do I like this because it’s a good song or do I like it because it’s on Sonic 3? Still, pretty damn nuts. Always thought it was Mike

  3. This is amazing. I’m in love with this song now.

  4. Wow, this was really interesting. I know that Sonic 3 always had a bit of an odd, unclear, but interesting history for a soundtrack, but never knew this.

  5. Oh snap!

  6. Huh, so did MJ do a cover of that song? I remember an old TR episode where you sped up one of Jackson’s tracks (can’t recall the name) and played it side-by-side with ice caps zone tune and they were pretty damn similar.

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