Sep 082012

Drummer, Breath of Fire fan and and all-around good guy Patrick K has a rather kickass YouTube channel called VGdrum that’s well worth your time. Above you’ll see his Gradius III entry (he linked it in the comments of Episode 29) and inside I’ve got a couple more to sample.

Remember the Battletoads episode? He covered the opening level of Battletoads & Double Dragon to great effect.

Also a big fan of this track from Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge (an under-appreciated Game Boy entry with some amazing music to boot).

Big thanks to Patrick for the amazing work, and for providing some great info in the comments!

  2 Responses to “Check out VGdrum for all your game percussion needs”

  1. double bass – everyone else thinks it’s awesome, drummers – know what’s up

    keep at it

  2. Hahaha thanks Brett! I’ve improved my drumming so much over the years. I kinda cringe at the mistakes I make in the Mega Man X video >_>

    If I can get my friend to finally work on the mix, I’ve got a Mega Man X3 video on the way, and whenever I get a new mic setup I’m planning to tackle some Final Fantasy Legend/SaGa battle themes.

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