Nov 162013


Obtaining game music – particularly Pokemon music – via legit means is usually pretty tough or costly. But THIS time around, Game Freak and Nintendo saved us all a lot of headaches by putting the full X & Y soundtracks on iTunes. So show yer VGM support and buy it! 

So much great stuff on here, including the super-awesome Team Flare battle music. Li’l bit of Genesis vibe in there!

  3 Responses to “Grab the Pokemon X and Y OSTs via iTunes”

  1. Jesus FUCK $9.99 for 212 tracks?! Insane deal, nice that it got an official release, too!

  2. Great, great stuff on this album. Love the bike theme!

  3. […] a month after the X and Y soundtracks appeared on iTunes, we now have nearly 100 songs from the FireRed and LeafGreen Super Music […]

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