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Numerous VGMpire guests share their favorite game tunes of all time as part of our milestone 100th episode.

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0:00:00 – Title Screen (Silver Surfer)

0:08:33 – Vane (Lunar: The Silver Star)

0:12:50 – First Step Towards War (Ys Book I)

0:17:02 – Level 1 (Section Z)

0:23:23 – Never More (Persona 4)

0:30:41 – Hammer Bros (Super Mario Bros 3)

0:35:41 – The Moon (DuckTales)

0:41:08 – Reincarnated Soul (Castlevania Bloodlines)

0:47:51 – To the End of the Wilderness (Wild Arms)

0:54:01 – Stage 5-3 (Air Zonk)

1:01:39 – Title Screen (Air Zonk)

1:06:28 – The Poets Pt 1 (Streets of Rage 3)

1:15:08 – To Far Away Times (Chrono Trigger)

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  1. VGMpire 100 – The Best Ever

    0:35:41 – The Moon (DuckTales)


    So glad to see that song on the list.

  2. Oh man! Congrats to 100! I think I started listening around episode 40ish.

    I’m still in the middle of listening, but while I was thinking about it, Fantastic pic on Section Z! I hadn’t thought about that game in ages, but it’s flooding back memories of hours spent trying to beat that game. It was super difficult.

    • Just finished the show. What a fantastic episode. The Wild Arms theme and sentiment almost brought a tear to my eyes as I’m the same early 30’s as the rest of you and experiencing similar time constraints of adulthood. But also, it’s a fantastic game that I really enjoying revisiting when I do have time on my vita.

      As for my favorite track… that’s a very hard one, but one of my current favorites is from FF14. The Dravanian Forelands at night has one of the most beautiful and peaceful game songs I’ve heard in a very long time.

  3. What a great episode (still listening, haven’t finished, just got past the Wild Arms song! While it’s impossible for me to pick any one song as my favorite of all time, I *do* have some favorites that have aired on this show. These songs are SOOOO good that I keep coming back to them, and in cases where the songs are hard to find I literally have to go back to the episode to hear them. In many cases, these were songs that I was not exposed to in my childhood (I’m 32 years old, and judging by Lasertime I had a similar childhood to Chris Antista). Anyways, thanks for making this show possible and available for the following reasons (in no order):

    • Golf Power – Title Screen
    • Golf Power – Options Screen
    • Popful Mail – Volcano Zone
    • Popful Mail – Iceberg
    • Wrestlemania – Hulk Hogan theme (aka “finger-puppet-on-a-candy-stick” song)
    • Megami Tensei 2 – Ex Convict
    • Megami Tensei 2 – Dawn of the Human Being
    • The ENTIRE Cavalcade of Sports Episode. Seriously nearly every song is great in that episode (and I even learned something new)

  4. Congratulations on 100 episodes! As a podcaster, I can appreciate the tenacity you’ve had to exhibit in order to get this far. As a listener, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate the work that you put in to the show to make it fun, entertaining, and even educational.

    In keeping with the theme of the show, my favorite VG work is “Stickerbrush Symphony” from Donkey Kong Country 2. I had a cassette with this and about a 15 minute loop of “Aquatic Ambiance” on one side. Good times.

    Here’s to many more good times on VGMpire as well, cheers!

  5. Congratulations on making it to the only true milestone that matters: 100 episodes! There have been a lot of episodes were I think every song was a total winner (Persona, Grandia, Ys, F-Zero and even more) and countless series that I didn’t even know had such good music show cased here. Thank you Brett for all these wonderful episodes over the years, may your playlist be forever more full of quality.

    I’ll just throw in what I would pick as my favorite piece of video game music. That would be the opening to Ys Origins: Beyond the Beginning. It starts with a chorus and string piece that provides both dread and wonder before turning to the ripping guitars that everybody wants from a Ys opening. The whole piece goes through a great cycle of pumping you up and preparing for whatever lies ahead.

    Keep on going strong with more and more great shows (we totally need a SMT or another Ys episode in the future!)

  6. <3

    Great selections, not a single Final Fantasy or Mega Man title in there! :O

    Re: Tim's "Reincarnated Soul" pick, I absolutely adore the remixed version in Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth on WiiWare:

    In case anybody cares, here are my other "BEST" videogame tunes, via the God-God-God Tier VGM Playlist I made (that were already featured in previous eps):

    Fight 2 – Final Fantasy IV / Nobuo Uematsu
    Starting the Journey ~Breath of Fire~ – Breath of Fire / Mari Yamaguchi
    Stickerbrush Symphony – Donkey Kong Country 2 / David Wise
    Dark World – Zelda: A Link to the Past / Koji Kondo
    Warfare on a Plain – Vandal Hearts II / Hiroshi Tamawari

    Chris: ya gotta upload that Wild Arms VHS you mentioned, I feel like I might've gotten a glimpse of that at a Babbage's when I was an elementary schooler and it made me go "oh wow, PlayStation's pretty cool!" Also, "Overworld" from TMNT1 NES was the first videogame tune I ever retained in memory as a kid, so that also holds a special place in my heart! The game's quality be damned.

    As for Mario All-Stars…honestly the Mario 2 & 3 remakes are okay, 1's is the one I take most issue with, and its remixed soundtrack :/

    Also, Brett, you're going to absolutely love the Chronicles of Time CT arrangement album that's coming out soon. There's a sampler already out if you wanna check it, it's really good: I'll actually be drumming on a couple of the tracks!

    • OMGosh! Love the Reincarnated Soul remix! That is quintessential Konami right there; the orchestra stabs are PERFECT. It makes me think of the arcade TMNT, if it had Simon Belmont as a guest character….which reminds me of the first ever April Fool’s prank played in EGM, back around the time of TMNT 2, where they said there was a trick to play as Simon Belmont. Anyhoo……

  7. Great episode! I know people on the show were probably torn between honouring ‘the classics’ and trying to choose a deeper cut. At this point recommending the Mega Man 2 OST is sort of like recommending The Beatles; it doesn’t change the fact that they’re both amazing, but it starts to feel a bit redundant.

    I don’t know if it would warrant a whole episode, but I’d love a bit of Shatterhand…I don’t know if you featured it or not, because I still need to catch up on some of the first dozen or so episodes that aren’t on iTunes.

    I know you featured a bit of music from one of the older Shadowrun games…I can’t remember which episode that was in. But I’d love a full Shadowrun episode with the SNES and Genesis games through to the newest games from Harebrained Studios, because they have also had fantastic music.

    “It is composed by…Japanese people” -Chris Antista, 2015

    • I would agree about having a Shadowrun focus episode. SNES and the Genesis version had some very catchy and memorable tracks. I would also like to hear LT’s crew thoughts on Shadowrun Returns, but I don’t recall if music is played on non-console systems, so maybe SRR might be “disqualified”.

      With VGMPire now part of Patreon, maybe Brett will allow patrons to choose a topic/gamr for an episode.

  8. Thanks for all of the hard work of putting these shows together! I don’t think I have heard any of these songs before and they are great discoveries (especially Wild Arms)! Keep up the good work and I always look forward to ROCKTOBERS

  9. what can I say Brett? thanks for everything. the way you make this all happen is something only you could do. if you’re ever looking for a Best Ever Fan Episode, I’ll talk about Super Metroid’s Overgrown Green Brinstar track all day.

  10. Way to go Brett!

    Got introduced to this series by a good friend about 2 years ago and I always look forward to what surprise pick the next episode will be. I work in the games industry as a designer and in more recent years as sound design/composing, and I really appreciate the variety and cataloging of not only the different series of games but also the wildly different styles they encompass. Helps not only keep me culturally aware of stuff I would have overlooked, but helps me think outside the box as a musician. I’m especially grateful that this show introduced me to the goddamn Combat Cars credits music!

    • Combat Cars blew me away. It wasn’t even from someone well known in the industry, but man that track was sick.

  11. Thanks for 100 episodes of awesomeness Brett!
    The MGS 3: Snake Eater main theme is what first came to my mind as my favorite vg song; it still gives me chills every time I hear it and manages to evoke my love and nostalgia for both the MGS series and the James Bond movies. To Far Away Times is definitely up there for me too, along with pretty much every song from a Squaresoft RPG of the 90s.

  12. Congratulations on 100 episodes, Brett! I’ve listened to every one of them and enjoyed them all (even the Road Rash episode). You’ve introduced me to so much excellent new music. “Creepy Crag” from Plok is now a mainstay in my music playlist. I tried out the Ys series because of this show. I love this show and share it with my friends every time you cover music I know they’ll like.

    I’d like to chime in with my own favorite Video Game Track. It’s a track from the Dreamcast RPG: Skies of Arcadia – one of the first RPGs I ever played and still my favorite game of all time. Listening to the track brings back many memories for me. The joy of playing the game for the first time back in Middle School, watching my brother play it after I pestered him into trying it, playing it along with my friend Luke and giving the characters our own Voice Overs. The track I’m sharing is one of the World Map themes. You rarely get to hear it all at once in-game because of the random battles, but it’s a soaring, triumphant track that stirs your sense of adventure and rouses your excitement to explore the world and discover new things.

    Little Jack Theme:

  13. This would be my vote for favorite game song. If you can make it through the awful 8-bit version of the Adam’s Family theme song, this gem awaits you. Because Sunsoft.

    • Oh YES! I almost brought this one up. Definitely one of the top NES tracks EVER. That Sunsoft bass is so bonk.

  14. Haven’t been around here in a while, but I’ve been listening to the VGMpire archive I have on my flash drive hooked up to my Xbox One, and decided to browse the site today, Holy crap, 100th! Congrats man, enjoyed every one of them. Also got into a lot more OC Remix stuff as well as tracking down some physical copies of more vidagame soundtracks.

  15. great podcast as usual but i have to remind you that the legacy music hour is back and has been so for a while.
    please have wienback and rob f. on together for another show some time please.
    oh check out the VGM jukebox made by two fans and contributors of LMH.

  16. Congrats on 100! Easily my favorite podcast and I hope the next 100 are just as good.

    Also glad I could be one of the many at PAX to say “Road Rash….. hoooo boy”

    And since nobody asked my favorite game tune is “Mechanical Base” from Gradius 3:

    I remember graduating high school driving to a friends house in my parents car listening to this on a tape that we recorded from the sound test. The best.

    • Definitely need to do an actual Gradius episode sometime. That SNES Shooter Showcase ep is all well and good but Gradius needs its own show.

      • Might I add Thunderforce/Technosoft episode. Thunderforce is a great series that began on the MSX, I think, and went at least to the PS2. The unforgettable Herzog Zwei is also classic Technosoft. It’s also the best game music ever.

  17. Congrats on reaching this milestone! This episode gave me emotions and I can’t wait to see what Rocktober has in store for us.

    • Oh man, yeah that Doom track is great. The whole scene rules. I had a similar experience, playing those shareware stages over and over. I want to do Doom sometime but want to make sure I have ‘real’ versions that most people will know… so much of the music was like, which MIDI are you hearing, what kind of sound card do you have etc…

      • I felt the same way about playing Resident Evil: Code Veronica for the DC. The game was so well crafted compared to what had come before it, but I couldn’t play it all the way through because it was so depressing. On the one hand, it’s amazing that a game can so thoroughly evoke such feelings of crushing despair. On the other hand, the world already has enough crushing despair; I decided for myself that at least for me, it didn’t feel helpful to wallow in it in my entertainment.

        That’s not to say there’s no place for those types of moments in games, or that everyone should feel the same way. I just never enjoyed the feeling I walked away with after playing stuff like that.

  18. I was thinking that To The End of The Wilderness would be mine if I was on the show and then it played and I lost my fucking mind and started screaming in my car on the way to work, punching the roof the whole time.

  19. Holy hell, I’m saving this one for something EPIC. This is the 100th episode VGmpire deserved. You tha man, Brett! Congrats on 100 episodes of VGmpire

  20. here’s to another 100!
    i look forward to hearing familiar songs of joy and new songs I will learn to love.
    i can’t believe how much game music I slept on. glad you’re here to shake my ears awake.

  21. […] us for a celebratory crossover episode with our old friend Brett Elston, who joins us fresh off the 100th episode of VGMpire for a Top 5 about games that pushed the hardware of dying systems to remind us that our old […]

  22. Happy 100th episode! I may not listen as regularly as I should, but I always love popping on a few episodes about series I love and hearing you guys talk about both classic and new vidjas with awesome music. Here’s to another 100!

  23. Happy Centepisode!
    Thank you Brett, for VGMpire. You are the GameFan of VGM podcasts, and that is all compliment: You bring out the enthusiasm I used to have for games and their music. You also reminded me that nostalgia is a completely legitimate reason to enjoy something. For that, I salute you. Here’s to 100 more!

    And what a great episode! Lots of surprises. Incidentally, I discovered Y’s through the Master System version, which my brother and I played to death. You should give it a whirl sometime. So good! I also loved the Wild Arms track. That intro always made me want to get a PS, although I did have Panzer Dragoon Saga to keep me busy. Team Andromeda really knew how to produce a sense of place and atmosphere…..the live orchestration of Panzer Dragoon 1’s first level remains some of the best game music to this day, and Panzer Dragoon Zwei’s forest level and Sea Chicken boss are some of the more memorable moments in 32-bit gaming.

    So I’ve also thought about my favorite game tracks of all time, and selecting just one is pretty much impossible. Here’s my best shot:
    Runners Up-

    -Super Mario Bros. 2 Opening theme- I skipped school on more than one occasion to play this game at a friend’s house. Probably one of the main reasons I almost flunked the 5th grade.

    -Golvellius : I didn’t like Zelda at the time because I wasn’t yet able to process its open-endedness. Little did I know, Golvellius was a shameless rip-off. But for me, its tunes define 8-bit music.

    -Revenge of Shinobi Chinatown- ROS was the first time I heard game music sound like “real” music, and Chinatown is my favorite example. To this day, when ROS comes to mind, the Chinatown theme will be stuck in my head for hours.

    -Bubble Bobble- As catchy as Chinatown is, Bubble Bobble’s main theme is 10 times more so. I’ll sometimes read rhyming children’s books to my kids set to this tune.

    -Ecco: Defender of the Future Dreamcast- Tim Follin’s Akrillic from Plok is my favorite Follin tune, and possibly the piece of VGM I listen to more often than any other, but his lesser known ECCO music is as good for different reasons. The first level music of Ecco is so peaceful and happy, just thinking about it brings a smile to my face.

    -Legend of the Mystical Ninja- Distorted strings. One of a kind.

    -Rage Racer- There are a lot of games out there with damn good dance tunes, but to me Rage Racer stands out from the rest, and Volcano is the best of the best. So freaking intense. I drive faster just thinking about it.

    -Journey: Apotheosis- Journey epitomizes why I love video games, more than any other game except perhaps Ico. They are a place in which to lose yourself. Journey’s music is so transcendent, and it perfects a (now common) technique that was started, as far as I can tell, with Super Mario 64: That is creating music with multiple layers that are brought in or out depending on what’s happening onscreen. The result is music that changes in tone and intensity to precisely match the game’s events. Mario 64 marks the beginning of when video game music surpassed what was possible with “regular” music, meaning that there is no accurate way to recreate an interactive soundtrack on a cd or MP3. And Journey is the pinnacle(to me) of what is possible with game music.

    -Super Castlevania IV- The music in Super Castlevania IV is some of the best the SNES ever put out. Because of this game, I couldn’t play Bloodlines when it came out for the Genesis, and it took me years to appreciate its music. Super Castlevania IV was so beautiful and its music was so astounding. This track was unique among the rest, in that it is a quiet, somber, minimal piece comprised only of a solitary piano, a string pad, and some horn-sounding thing. I liked this piece so much I sampled the hell out of it in the late 90’s as the skeleton of a rap song about hitchhiking and alien invasion.

    -Herzog Zwei: Back to Square One- I don’t know how much nostalgia feeds my choice, but Herzog Zwei is the best game music ever. I picked this track because I had to settle on one, but every track here is the best track ever.

    • I had to leave out Sonic the Hedgehog(Green Hill Zone and bonus level), Plok’s Akryllic, NES’s Batman and Fester’s Quest, Streets of Rage 2’s tunes, Gunstar Heroes Midboss 1, and SNES’s Actraiser and FF 3 tunes on account of popularity…….but they’re no less awesome.

  24. Congratulations on reaching 100 episodes Brett! Don’t tell Chris but VGMpire is my favourite podcast.

    While listening to this episode I couldn’t help but think about what I would pick as my favourite VGM of all time.

    The first piece of game music that really caught my attention was the main theme for Metal Gear Solid 2. I remember me and my friend trying to compose it as a ringtone on our Nokia phones!

    The first game soundtrack I ever bought was for Mass Effect. I love the Mass Effect series so lots of the tracks mean a great deal to me. Vigil from the first game and Suicide Mission from ME2 stand out the most.

    But I feel all of those are too obvious for me and they have been featured on VGMpire before. So I think the track I would pick is ‘Ezio’s Family’ by Jesper Kyd from Assassin’s Creed 2.

    AC2 was one of my favourite games from the PS3/360 generation and this music was stuck in my head long after I finished the game to the point that I had to just buy the soundtrack.

    Looking forward to rocktober!

  25. congrats

    now pls do okami

  26. Congratulations on 100 shows Bret!
    I was cue into VGM by a buddy at work after the Wrestling episode, and like a gateway drug led me into listening to all of the LT podcasts and back catalog.

    Air Zonk getting love by Bob & Chris makes me smile. Growing up in Michigan I actually had a TurboGrafx-16, not because we had money coming out our ears but for the exact opposite reason. My parents got one on clearance from a department store that was going out of business (Hills I believe was the name) one Christmas and then whenever Toys R Us would mark down the price on a TG-16 game I’d eventually get it, because honestly I was probably the only kid in Saginaw Michigan with a TG-16.

    So while my cousins were playing their SNES and Sega I was on an island to myself with Bonk, JJ & Jeff and a menagerie of other games.

    As an adult I’ve since had a friend pick up a PCE from Super Potato when he was visiting Japan and snagged some of those games too.

    and so my pick for best video game music would have to go to a TurboGrafx-16 game, Devil’s Crush a pinball game that was the follow up to Alien’s Crush. The main music for this game still gets me all jazzed. Man oh man, that 2 minute mark

  27. Congrats on 100 episodes! I love this podcast so, so much. Cliche as it is, my favorite piece of video game music would have to be Time’s Scar from Chrono Cross. I love it so much that In high school my friend and I arranged a version of the song for our orchestra to play. I haven’t played the violin In years but could probably still play this song from memory.

    Can’t wait for Rocktober!

  28. Great 100th episode! I hope you guys stick around for a long time to come. I’m super excited for the upcoming Rocktober!
    If I had to choose my favorite VGM it’d probably be ‘Sim Broadway’ from SimCity3000. It brings back memories of playing that game for hours on end after school and its always joyous to hear it.
    Oh, and by the way I do also listen to Laser Time. VGMPire remains my favorite podcast though. I always wanted to make something like this so I was glad to find it.

  29. I know I don’t comment regularly, but I wanted to say thank you for 100 episodes of great music. You’ve turned me on to some great stuff and I look forward to always hearing more. Here’s to 100 more!

  30. Woah, hey, congrats on hitting 100 Brett! It doesn’t feel that long ago that you first got me into vgm with the Game Music of the Day articles, and for that I say thanks.

    After listening to the episode I put some thought into my favorite vgm track of all time, and though I had many to choose from ( a few of my lesser known favorites ), I just can’t deny the classics.

    Though Aquatic Ambiance gave it a run for it’s money, I’d say Terra’s Theme is not only my favorite piece of vgm, but one of my favorite pieces of music period. Having never played FFVI, I first heard it when you put it at the top in the FF music article for GR and have been in love with the track ever since. Much like Patrick’s pick, it reminds brings to mind spaghetti westerns, and though it inspires hope and adventure in the player, at the same time it has this underlying somber to it that only a small handful of songs ever have managed to capture. I know it’s cliche to praise Nobuo Uematsu, but when you sit and listen to his work, you realize that the man is truly is a master of his craft.

    Again, congrats Brett, and thanks for all the hard work putting together an environment for vgm lovers alike to gather! Here’s to 100 more!

  31. A little late on commenting, but congrats on 100, Brelston! This show has saved my sanity during boring stretches at work more times than I can count. Now, here’s to 100 more!

    And, as long as we’re discussing our favorite game songs, I’ll nominate the theme from “Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind”. It’s such a grand, sweeping piece of music, and sets the perfect mood to explore a huge, open world.

  32. Just getting to this now, but I’m very happy to see Never More on the list!

  33. Congratulations on 100 episodes!
    I felt that the “going up to you and saying hi at Pax” comment was partially directed at me since I did actually get a chance to meet you Brett at Pax Prime, we had an oddly non VGM related chat but it seriously was a star-struck moment for me and I really appreciate you taking the time to chat a bit about the show and life in general (and about how expensive living in SF is!). Plus thanks for the photo! My mates back in Australia who are also regular LT and VGmpire listeners were seriously jealous.

    But again, congrats on the 100 and I’ll leave you with my favourite, Moria Gallery from Tales of Phantasia on the SNES.

  34. Congrats on the milestone Brett.

    I’m a little late to the party, but I decided i’ll share my favorite song too. I was debating between a song between Halo 3 and Kingdom Hearts, but then I thought back to the one that I really have the fondest memories for. The opening song for Civ 4.

    No song besides the first Halo theme has ever really gotten me to just sit at a screen and listen like it did, and it remains in my music catalog to this day. It’s a song that really just makes you feel inspired in a way that’s kind of hard to describe. Civ 4 is probably the game i’ve put the most time into, so I really look back upon this one fondly.

  35. (Belated) congrats on No. 100! I can’t believe there were two sendups to Zonk, but that delivered a great laugh late in the episode. I always like to see when my podcast app reports to me there’s a new VGMpire episode ready to go.

    From my N64 days though, I loved Click-Clock Wood from Banjo-Kazooie. It wasn’t a super memorable tune by itself, BUT the song had four different arrangements depending on the season you were playing, which was cool. It’s not my favorite VGM song ever, but it was certainly a standout during my prime video game playing years.

    Also props to the Professor Layton soundtracks! Love the Euro string orchestra sound that perfectly matches the games.

  36. Congrats on 100 episodes. Don’t come here often but have been listening since somewhere in the 60’s range. I’ve found so much great music through this show, like mentioned above the Aquatic Ambiance piece from DLC floored me. I payed it as a kid but it didn’t stick with me the way it does now.
    Not deep cuts by any means, but two songs that I can listen to endlessly on loop for hours – Fear of the Heavens from Secret of Mana, as it gives me chills and deep nostalgia every time it starts… and Kuon: Memories of Lightwaves from Final Fantasy X-2. It evokes a similar feeling despite the rest of the soundtrack being so opposed to this track, and the game itself a horrible mutation of what the original FFX was.

    Thanks again for this labor of love, it’s greatly appreciated how much work you put into this all the time.

  37. Congrats on 100! I only started gaming well into the midi era, so most of the music on the show is completely new to me. I never would have heard it otherwise, so thanks!

    My personal favourite piece of game music ever is ‘Home Sweet Home’ from Beyond Good and Evil:

  38. Congrats on 100 episodes Brett!!!

    Also thank you for introducing me to my new favorite song,

    Mango Tango from Double Dragon Neon:

  39. Really enjoyed this episode Brett et al! I began listening around episode 50 and this has slowly but surely become my fav show on the Lasertime network. Love you guys, keep up the good work and here is my favourite game music pick from Lotus Turbo Challenge on the Amiga:

    Apologies for the copy and paste.

  40. […] During a recent trip to Japan, I spent a fair amount of time perusing local game shops and retail chains in search of legit game music purchases. While I did indeed buy a lot while over there, I never did see the OST to the first Wild Arms, which had been on my mind since guest Patrick Kulikowski named one of its songs as his favorite back in VGMpire 100. […]

  41. Congrats on 100 Brett! I really like Chris’ choice from Air Zonk. If I were to pick mine without going down the obvious route I’d have to go with this one from the most criminally overlooked OST of all time, Power Rangers on SNES!

  42. Happy 100, VGMpire crew! Discovering new music or listening to old favorites with you guys has been a blast ever since I got on with the Killer Instinct episode. Nice picks from everyone, and I won’t lie, Chrono Trigger at the end made me get a little misty. Thanks for all you do!

    And on the topic of favorite VGM, it might be Whoa I’m in Space Cuba from Mighty Switch Force! Back when I did my (sadly defunct) radio show, I would always play the chip version of this song at the beginning. The melody is so infectious, and the piano breakdown with synth hits in the middle really do give it this future Latin feel. Love it!


  43. congrats guys – what an accomplishment, and it’s been a pleasure exploring old favorites and new favorites. i’ll never look at the world of VGM the same after having heard this podcast. i had to pick just 10 favorites – some of which I’ve spent more hours listening to than any other music of my entire life… others that are just classics…

    NES – Dragon Warrior – Overworld Theme – Koichi Sugiyama
    NES – Dragon Warrior III – Overworld Theme – Koichi Sugiyama
    NES – Mega Man II – Flash Man – Takashi Tateishi
    NES – Metroid – Brinstar – Hirokazu Tanaka
    NES – The Legend of Zelda – Overworld – Koji Kondo
    SNES – Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball – Game Theme – Tim & Geoff Follin
    SNES – SimCity – Metropolis – Soyo Oka
    PS1 – Final Fantasy 7 – J.E.N.O.V.A. – Nobuo Uematsu
    Sega – ToeJam and Earl – ToeJam Jammin’ – JOhn Baker
    GameBoy – Final Fantasy Legend – Main Theme – Nobuo Uematsu

  44. A little late but here are my two cents on the matter.
    Symphony of the night’s Tragic Prince
    aaaand This Is True Love Makin from Capcom Vs SNK 2

    Maaan i though it was easy to pick a Favorite game song until i really started thinking about it. So much things came to my mind, Silent Hill, Mega Man, Tekken, Mario RPG… things escalated quicky. So i just settle with those two that are the firsts that came to my mind.
    Congratuations on 100th episodes !! keep ’em coming 😀

  45. I’m still catching up on a backlog of episodes, but listening to #100 right now. Thanks for all the hard work.

    If I had to pick just one game song, I’d pick “Memories of Distant Days” from Shenmue. Both the title and the music make me sad that I can’t go back to that short time period of life where I had no worries except playing Dreamcast.

  46. Happy 100! I look forward to this podcast every other week and I’m so glad you’ve kept at it.

    I never would’ve found some of these games’ soundtracks or the games themselves if it weren’t for the show. I especially like that you talk about the games a little bit, which gives a context to the music for games I haven’t played that makes it more enjoyable.

    Another thing I’ve appreciated greatly is your respect for the games you feature. Yeah, sometimes you point out annoying stuff or when a game isn’t great, but you don’t moronically reach for ways to put them down continually for cheap laughs (e.g. the AVGN).

    So – thanks Brett, Chris, Henry, Grimm, and the rest of the guests who’ve made the show awesome.

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